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Tron, founded by Justin Sun, the first millennial to graduate from Jack Ma’s (Alibaba group) Hupan University, claims to be the next generation of Ethereum. They claim to be much better in terms of throughput, scalability, and availability. The key bottleneck that Ethereum’s DApps face is a transaction processing speed of only 25 per second. Tron claims to process 2000 transactions in one second. That, with continuing platform execution and adoption, could put Tron ahead of Ethereum in the very near future. Based on, Tron already holds 5 of the top 10 dapps based on daily users. On some days, it has held 6 of the top 10 spots. Ethereum, although it has many dapps, does not have 1 in the top 10.

Let us look at a few distributed apps built on Tron:

Epic Dragons

Epic Dragons is a battle game where adventurers have to defeat the dragons in order to proceed to new levels and unlock various rewards. This is probably the best game that uses TRX tokens to buy into the game and also distribute the rewards. This is probably the most popular application on the Tron blockchain. According to the latest statistics, Epic Dragons has 7800 daily active users and half a million TRX in transaction volume each day. Epic Dragons is not just a blockchain game. It is an adaptation of an existing game on mobile platforms to the blockchain world. What is exciting here is that this step not only helps build a game on blockchain but also brings new users to the crypto world.

Crazy Dogs Live

Crazy Dogs Live is a social gambling game and ecosystem. It is a game inspired by the Great Tencent Gaming. This platform, thanks to its powerful game development capabilities, will be putting out more games in the near future. They claim to be able to put out 1 to 2 games a month. Currently, the first game is a dog racing game. Crazy Dogs combines social attributes with gambling, creating a transparent, secure, and fun-filled gambling platform so the users get a fair and private experience. It features an innovative betting mining feature and live streaming where users can interact with each other while playing, having fun, and making profits.

Their roadmap also includes features such as Community Partners, leaderboard, and lucky draws to build a complete ecosystem.

Users are rewarded in TRX and users need to own TRX and use one of the popular wallets to use this game. Crazy Dogs live has over 6700 daily active users and trades about 156,776,714 TRX worth of value in a month.


There are numerous betting and gambling apps on the Tron blockchain. Few of them are popular and have active users. Tronbet is one. Tronbet is a gambling app that provides instant betting, true probability-fairness, and almost free of transaction fees. Once you link your TronLink wallet, a user can bet using TRX and see all the other users, their bets, and the roll in a transparent way. It has a chatbox for users to connect with each other. Like a usual gambling set up, users can choose a number and roll over or under. The returns change with the number chosen and the probability of winning.

Tronbet has 1700 daily active users.

TRX Market

TRX Market is an exchange based on the TRX blockchain. It is a decentralized exchange that helps users secure their tokens and provides a transparent and convenient exchange experience. TRX Market has 1900 daily active users with a volume of 81 million TRX.

Bonus Mentions

Chibi Fighters

Chibi fighters is an RPG game that creates a fighter on the blockchain. The fighter, called Chibi, has some unique traits which can be used to fight enemies and get TRX tokens as rewards. Chibi fighting is similar to paper, rock, and scissors where an outcome is decided based on an array of options.

Chibi Fighters is a game based on both the Ethereum blockchain and the Tron blockchain. The Tron version has yet to find a substantial audience.

Tron Flappy Birds

This game deserves special mention because of its simplicity and addictiveness. It is an upcoming game that has about 1000 daily active users.

DApps Moving Forward

Tron DApps are already out and working. Ethereum is steadily being displaced as the preferred DApp platform because of scaling bottlenecks on the Ethereum blockchain. While Ethereum can process no more than 15-20 transactions per second, Tron is believed to have the capacity to handle 2000 transactions per second. Tron apps are far from mainstream adoption but the path is paved.


Amrit Mirchandani

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