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The battle between FOMO and FUD is like a good old fashioned heavyweight battle between Ali and Foreman.  Although this fight has unlimited rounds,  lots of buys, sells, gains, and losses come out of it. Is there a real clear winner?

Tron FUD

When it comes to FUD, which stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt,  it can get nasty.  Tron may have more “FUDers” than any other crypto. It may be due to jealousy, skepticism, or just pissed off investors and former fired employees.  I would bet most are investors who bought at the wrong time and got burned. Now they just hate for the sake of hating. Or they might be those that took their friend’s advice and put their hard earned money into another project without researching Tron first. And now they can’t stand to see Tron excel while their project doesn’t even post updates of what they are up to. Though, to be honest, that may be for the best. Seeing the founders drinking coronas in the bahamas may not be something they want to see. So what do these disgruntled people do?  They try to instill FUD. They rush to Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, or whatever other form of social media they can find and try to spread negativity and fake news. Just like the ex BitTorrent employee who apparently didn’t read the BitTorrent whitepaper prior to his claim that Tron couldn’t handle the Bittorrent traffic. His claim was already covered in the BitTorrent whitepaper.

Tron FUD Keeps Losing the Battle

The FUD keeps coming but it keeps getting shot down. Some are still talking about the whitepaper plagiarism of over a year ago. Seriously? That’s what you have? These whitepaper plagiarism accusations go almost to deaf ears. In fact, I am glad they did what they did as they were able to focus on what got them here. The Tron community is well aware of what Tron is doing. Therefore, the FUD now has minimal effect within the crypto community. The numbers and statistics also speak for themselves. Early on, FUD may have caused some dips in the price. But now, that the platform has materialized, the Tron community has become numb to FUD.  Tron will continue to smash FUD just like playing wack-a-mole.


They call it a FEAR OF MISSING OUT.  In the crypto world, it could be the difference between $100 and $1,000,000.  It can also mean that your $1000 is now $0!!!! Either way, it can be as addictive as these zero calorie flavored sparkling waters I keep drinking.  You missed out on TRX at $.002 in Sept. 2017,  then missed it at $.17 in Jan 2018, and then bought in at the all-time high of $.30 because you thought it was going to $.50. Everyone was buying! You didn’t want to be the odd one out. Now you HODL all the way down and have lost a large amount. FOMO is something that can break the soul if it hasn’t already broken your bank account.  And if you already caved in to FOMO and bought at the wrong time, now you have to decide if you believe in the project. If the answer is yes, then just be patient and wait it out or even cost average, only if your financial situation allows of course. After all, the crypto market is very young and successful projects should go up exponentially in the years to come.

Tron FOMO Will Diminish With Adoption

As the crypto market matures, these irrational price swings fueled by emotions will take place less and less. The same will happen as Tron evolves. The crypto community is already taking notice that Tron is on its way to changing the way we use the internet. Volumes will continue to increase and price manipulation will become harder and harder. Will FOMO still be present? I am sure it will, but to a much lesser degree. Will new investors see increases of 15,000%? Most likely not. Though I am fairly sure there are investors who bought TRX in 2017 who will definitely see these returns if they hold for a few more years. Maybe some new projects will have that rocket-like growth. But those don’t come by very often.

Adoption is still in its early stages. People are still learning, still nervous about putting their money into something they barely know. Can they fall victims to FOMO? Of course. FOMO is psychological. It is very hard for a beginner to restrain themselves from jumping into the frenzy. But that is where education comes in. Many don’t even know what blockchain is nor how to invest in crypto.  FOMO happened to a lot of people who didn’t know what they were investing in, but didn’t want to miss out on the next big thing.  Its our job to educate and promote adoption. The more we educate and promote adoption, the more people will avoid falling victims to the fear of missing out. Fear happens when you don’t understand something.  Knowledge is stronger every day.

FUD Vs. FOMO: The Winner

Well, they both will have their days.  How you let either of them take control over your future is up to you. Tron has handled FUD without missing a beat.  As for FOMO, good technology and a good community naturally lend themselves to create FOMO. Really good things naturally create FOMO. As for Tron, it is almost a year and a half old with close to a $2 billion market cap.  It has already proven itself to this point. It also has one of the strongest crypto communities. So much that some say it is cult-like. I really find that to be funny as the same can be said for Apple iPhone users. Right? Why is every iPhone store packed with people? That I never understood. In 2019, Tron is about take the crypto world, mass adoption, and the internet to another level. You are in on the ground floor of something amazing.  Community members like CryptoTone on YouTube and Wolf Of My Street on Twitter bring daily positive information, not just about Tron, but about all of crypto.  So many more are out there engaging with the world. We just have to keep educating and all the pieces will fall in place. In the case of Tron, FOMO will win.


Ed Crypto

Crypto enthusiast with a passion for learning and expanding my horizon. Being a part of the crypto community is doing what we can to help promote it. Looking forward to mass adoption.