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Tron has come out in full force when it comes to dapps. But do not take my word for it. You can see the rankings for yourself on DappRadar. At the time of this publication, Tron was holding 8 of the top 20 spots. Tron’s competitors, EOS and Ethereum, were holding 10 spots and 2 spots, respectively.  But that’s not quite what this article is about. This article is about a soon to be officially launched Dapp showcasing a gaming company that shall further strengthen Tron’s position within the gaming industry. The game I am referring to is Dragon Castle by none other than SkyPeople. Sky People has not only created a neat game, but they have given us a glimpse into their future within the RPG world. See sneak peek section for some fascinating goodies.



Trending the Blockchain Space

From looking at the top used dapps in the blockchain world, it is clearly evident that the hottest thing right now is the blockchain gambling genre. Of the top 20 dapps, 11 of them are gambling related. Why is that? For one, the trustless aspect of blockchain and decentralization are a perfect marriage. It is really a no brainer. You can either gamble on a centralized online platform where you are trusting that the algorithm and the reward percentages that they claim are accurate, or you can gamble on a platform where you can verify for yourself what your winning chances are. But it gets better, you actually get rewarded for playing the game. What centralized gaming app gives you a piece of the pie?

For gambling, there are many more benefits that come with blockchain. Such benefits include anonymity, smaller fees, almost instant deposit times, and the bypassing of the obvious regulation hurdle of using fiat for gambling. This is why I am not surprised that gambling apps have taken the blockchain world by storm.


Using The Gambling Trend to Showcase their Potential

Gambling dapps are now a dime a dozen as the demand warrants it. Most do the same exact thing and are presented to users in a rather dull package. You might as well flip a coin or roll a dice. What ever happened to creativity? But yesterday, I was given the opportunity to check out SkyPeople’s new upcoming game, Dragon Castle. The game takes the gambling experience and gives it a magical RPG feel. Personally, I think the game itself is a sneak peek into what Sky People has in store for the RPG world.

It seems that Sky People has taken this gambling trend as an opportunity to showcase their RPG potential. Although they are definitely taking the gambling experience to the next level, I think the game is a way to demonstrate that they have the talent to create something really special down the road. In fact, I reached out to their team regarding their future plans and they were able to provide me images from games that they are currently working on. Towards the end of this article, you’ll see some of their magnificent eye candy. Impressive stuff!

But to better understand what Sky People is up to, let’s go ahead and dive into Dragon Castle. Let’s look at tokenomics, gameplay, design, and the other factors that make or break a gaming blockchain company. This will give us a good idea of the talent hard at work at SkyPeople.


Dragon Castle Tokenomics

I can go ahead and read you the whitepaper but that would just be lame. I’ll break it down short and sweet. It is gambling, mixed with rewards, lotteries, graphics, and an RPG vibe. So let’s grab TronBet and mix it with Final Fantasy VII. Well, not exactly. But maybe that will come down the road. After all, RPGs are SkyPeople’s forte. The short and sweet explanation is that it is TronBet with a few tweaks and a great user interface which most, if not all, gambling dapps lack. It has its own token similar to ANTE, called DC, which you can win and also mine, by freezing your DC, in order to get paid TRX.

The mining is set up into 12 seasons with 50 rounds each. As you advance rounds, you require a little more TRX in order to mine 1 DC token. But when you complete the 50 rounds and move on to the next season, the amount of TRX needed to mine 1 DC token goes down. You can find more information about the payout schedule on their whitepaper. You can also get DC by voting for SkyPeople as a Super Representative. This only applies for non Tron Spark supporters. Just kidding guys.


Fighting the Monsters

The gameplay of Dragon Castle revolves around defeating the Monsters that are found inside dungeons. These monsters are defeated in an RPG style format where you select an attack value and then the monster gets a random defense number. If the attack number is greater than the defense number, you win TRX and DC. If the attack number is less, well, you are out of luck and lose your bet. Yes, this has been done before. But what sets Dragon Castle apart from its predecessors are the extra features and the eye candy. More importantly, it demonstrates where this is going as SkyPeople is focused on releasing a full scale RPG game in 2019.


The Features

Dragon Castle has used its talent to create a really neat user experience for those interested in gambling dapps. The game uses a level up system similar to an RPG engine. A player gains EXP points based on the damage used in the game play. These EXP points are then used to level up. There are 10 levels per each Tier. What’s the advantage of leveling up? Each tier you move up gives you an extra DC mining bonus. For instance, Tier 5 gives you a 25% mining bonus as opposed to Tier 1 which only gives you 5%.

The game also features jackpot style bonuses such as their Fortune Tree. The Fortune Tree is like a progressive jackpot where your chances increase with the more you play, based on your damage value.

Then you have the Lucky Wheel which gives every user 3 chances a day to win TRX. How sweet is that? Here is a screenshot of the Lucky Wheel.

There will also be events taking place where TRX will be rewarded for certain accomplishments such as reaching a level by a certain timeframe.


From Dragon Castle to Full Scale RPG

Dragon Castle may take the gambling genre to a different level with its captivating RPG feel. But, as mentioned earlier, I am fairly certain that Dragon Castle is a teaser into much bigger and greater things. Why do I think that? Well, let me just show you. Below are some of the neat characters that will be found in their upcoming full scale RPG games as early as the end of this year. I am definitely looking forward to seeing these games operating on the Tron protocol.









After seeing all these screenshots, I must say that I am very impressed. So impressed that I had to follow up to see what else I can get out of SkyPeople. This was their response:


SkyPeople is developing a Game Platform.
Including Dragon Castle, SkyPeople will create many quality games to form a Game Platform.
DC token will be used in this platform.
High quality games are in development now, and plan to be launched progressively.


All I can say is that SkyPeople has caught my attention. I’ll be waiting in anticipation for more updates on these titles. And of course, as soon as I get any inside scoop, you’ll be the first to know. As for Dragon Castle, I think it is a neat game which ties gambling with a more immersive and captivating user experience. Nonetheless, Dragon Castle is just the tip of the iceberg.


George Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 16 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. Ten years of which were in a real-time operations leadership role. An early investor in TRX and an avid blockchain enthusiast. Currently, handling Tronspark digital operations and residing in Miami, Florida.

SkyPeople's Dragon Castle and the RPG Future