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Biscuit Labs, the developer behind the globally successful blockchain game “EOS Knights” reveals that their new game “Knight Story” now supports the TRON Foundation blockchain and will be deployed this first week of April. 

The game Knight Story is among the top 15 most active blockchain-based games in the market today. This is a RPG (Role-Playing Game) in which gamers could choose 3 characters from being a knight, an archer or the magician, build a village and battle against the goblins in this game. Biscuit also considered setting up player vs. player modes and clan battles between ETH and TRX knights. 

Knight Story isn’t the traditional RPG that you can download in your mobile device, Asides from the characters that you selected you can do battle to defeat the ghastly goblins. Gamers will be able to select from villages and dungeons when they play. You will also have the option to experiment with a broad range of materials like steel, tiger bone, and wood, from which they can make swords, arrows, bows, and armor.

Knight Story has plans to continue supporting blockchains with verifiable, high-throughput performance in their ecosystem, just like TRON Foundation.

Previously Knight Story has supported ETH (Ethereum) with its first launch last November 2019 and now it will be deployed in the TRON blockchain.

Gamers who sign up for the Blockchain-based Knight Story on the Tron network will get a “magic bean” which is the in-game currency for this title and also link their TRX wallet to their TRX characters, as well as explore the TRX shop.

Biscuit Labs CEO, Jay Lee, commented on the TRON collaboration and the game’s development:

The Biscuit team is excited to partner with the TRON network, and we hope that all users enjoy a fast and seamless user experience. The team will continue to contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technology. The keyword of the Knight Story project is, in a word, compatibility. We focused on maximizing the compatibility between blockchain and the pre-existing system, as well as inter-blockchain compatibility.”

Who’s Biscuit Labs?

Biscuit Labs is a development team that launched the legendary first-generation blockchain game, EOS Knights accounting for more than 66 million transactions. The team is focusing on the UX challenges of blockchain to create innovative games and applications.

Biscuit’s previous title was EOS Knights, as it was the first mobile game to run on the EOS blockchain.

Do you think this would be the start of more blockchain gaming companies to add TRON in their games? We do believe so. What gaming titles would you like to see TRON Foundation be featured in the future? TRON community! Let’s play together!

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Biscuit's Knight Story: Starting the month right with the integration to TRON