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TRON Foundation celebrates their 2 years today and we would like to congratulate Justin Sun and his team for maintaining TRON as one of the top cryptocurrencies out there in the market and aims to continue their hard work in decentralizing the web.

With TRON turning two years today, we all know how our lives have changed from the past few weeks and in each city that we live in, we are experiencing some changes in our society. From city-wide lockdowns, panic buying from groceries and take-out counters became the new norm in the midst of the pandemic we are facing.

Despite those events, TRON Foundation has become a strong company that keeps on attracting partnerships and collaborations from other companies this month and here’s a recap of those events.


Challenging Early Weeks of the Month

Last February, we all knew that TRON Foundation was able to acquire Steemit into a strategic partnership that led to a community revolt regarding the future of its blockchain. There was a “hard fork” done by the community that led into freezing Steemit tokens that were purchased by Justin Sun and his team.

He eventually had a town-hall meeting with his team and the community that wasn’t able to finalize any resolution with the Steemit community. They also have demanded from Justin Sun, including on his plans for the purchased tokens of Steemit and some users even asked to take down some of his tweets about the “hackers” of the Steemit blockchain, which became really personal and the community demanded an apology as well.

In the following week, Binance CEO has even revealed that he approved the “Soft Fork” which brought back the control of TRON’s funds to Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation. Binance and other major cryptocurrencies have withdrawn their support for the TRON CEO after backlash within the Steem community.

The Steemit community criticized his move for accepting without having all the necessary information. The CEO told us that he was not aware of all the details and thought he was voting for a “regular update”.

In the end, the community showed their unity against the TRON Foundation and Justin Sun, which led to the creation of the HIVE Blockchain, a project created by a large group of Steem community members who have long looked to move towards true decentralization and to help develop the codebase.

They even mentioned that all valid STEEM stakeholders will be receiving a perfectly mirrored balance of their current STEEM holdings in the new HIVE coin. This will also include matching amounts of current liquid STEEM, Steem Power and SBD.

Partnerships After The Storm? Kraken and WhiteBIT

After the challenging weeks of the month. TRON Foundation continued to have partnerships with Kraken and WhiteBIT.

Kraken, the popular U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will be adding TRX into their platform and it will initially provide four trading pairs and the best part of it is that trading will begin shortly after enabling deposits and withdrawals.

WhiteBIT, a crypto exchange platform, just recently announced that TRON is joining its platform. With this, TRX will be able to be used to participate in a token issuance on TRON, receive BTT airdrops, participate in the Tronics Support Plan, buy virtual gifts, pay for some websites’ subscriptions and more.

With the partnership of both companies, these provided alternatives for trading TRON (TRX) and ensured everyone in the cryptocurrency industry that they are here to stay and be the best company in the industry.


Not Done Yet? TRON keeps momentum with Justalk and Metal Pay

TRON Foundation just keeps on-going with Justalk and Metal Pay. They updated everyone that they are having a strategic collaboration with Justalk, a decentralized instant messaging app specifically for cryptocurrencies which was launched last December of 2019. This is also an all-in-one wallet with such features as, airdrops, staking, trading and more.

They didn’t stop there, last week they have partnered with Metal Pay, a blockchain-based payment processing platform that allows users to buy MTL and other cryptocurrencies to use in real-life.

With these partnerships with Justalk and Metal Pay, it shows how TRON Foundation is making things more convenient for everyone to have the opportunity to trade or own TRX into their phones in the USA.

What’s next for TRON Foundation? Would they be able to keep their momentum going for this upcoming April? We believe so, TRON Foundation and Justin Sun keep on reaching their goals in the cryptocurrency industry and they will surely have a positive month ahead with this direction.

For more updates and news, see TronSpark’s website.


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TRON Foundation turns 2: Recap of the month full of challenges and overcoming it