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TRON and Steemit recently announced their strategic partnership which allows users to use Steemit into the TRON Platform and for the past couple of days after TRON’s acquisition of Steemit, the partnership is being faced with challenges within the Steemit community. 



What’s happening with TRON and Steemit?

On February 24th, Steemit implemented a “Steem Protection” soft fork that had the voting power of a large number of tokens owned by Steemit and TRON deactivated. Though both companies have decided to reverse a recent soft fork of the blockchain, which aimed to lower their ability to sway governance decisions and this was assisted by major cryptocurrencies such as Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex which were held by those exchanges that were used by Steemit and TRON to overturn the soft fork while maintaining control over the network.

Steemit and Tron’s witness make up for the first 20 of the list of accounts that were powered up last March 2nd. Steemit also released a blog statement which argued that the previous soft fork was “criminal and illegal” and Justin Sun reaffirmed everyone with his tweet below: 

Steemit has taken full control of the network for the next following weeks. The company recently had a town hall meeting last March 4th, with the community members and witnesses. This is to ensure that everyone on the platform would be introduced to the TRON team and also to have open communication with the community.


The town hall meeting with Justin Sun’s TRON and the Steemit Community

The opening remarks of this meeting started with the introduction of the witnesses, developers and also the guys from TRON including Justin Sun who have been having difficulties to find the time and proceed with the open forum with the STEEM community.

There were a lot of questions being thrown to TRON with regard to their plans with Steemit, there were several instances that Justin Sun shared his thoughts and plans for Steemit. Most of the developers and witnesses have been asking TRON about the funds that were promised by Ned Scott that would be used for the development of STEEM.

Recently, the Steemit community attempted the fork in order to freeze Justin’s Steemit tokens. Justin fought back because he wanted to protect the tokens that he purchased, after all, anyone in the community would have fought to protect their token, especially if it was paid for.

Further down the meeting, the community wants an apology for being called hackers and telling Sun to take down his tweet. At the same time, Justin informed everyone that he wants to protect his investment and informed everyone that he is not using his power to influence decisions within Steemit and he wants to be neutral with the on-going events.

The main concern of the community is the fact that those tokens owned by Steemit were promised to be used for Development. The founder of Steam, Ned might have not told Justin this information and based on this call, he was just figuring it out. After hearing this from TRON, most of the witnesses and developers changed their tone and asked if Justin would be investing in Steemit for further developments.

This meeting just shows how united the Steemit community is and demanding what they want to happen since the acquisition of Justin Sun’s TRON. At the same time, TRON listed their take-aways from this meeting in order to have a win-win situation for both parties and cleared everyone that they don’t want to take over on the governance of Steemit and wants to keep it the same way as before. The community is being clear to Justin that his stake is safe and he would just need to follow what the community wants with regards to the top witnesses and being transparent that they would like to work with TRON, as long as their request is being followed.


Former CEO showing support to Justin Sun and TRON

After the acquisition of Steemit, there have been many events that led to a different perspective from the Steemit community and the TRON Foundation as they are the new owners of this company. Despite the differences, Former Steemit CEO Ned Scott is highly supportive of the acquisition and shared his thoughts on the on-going events. See his tweet below:

He even tweeted that Justin and TRON would be able to elevate Steemit into great heights and there is a huge potential for both companies for growth.

These are encouraging words from the former leader of Steemit and would this help to change the minds of the community members and start showing support for Justin Sun’s TRON? Could it be that Ned misguided the community and/or Justin Sun? It’s hard to tell. He built something that others are passionate about, and that’s a great feat. Stepping away from it because he believes that he doesn’t have the passion to move the project into new heights is a mature thing. However, could he have done things better in order to the facility a smoother transition? Most likely.

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TRON and Steemit: A strategic partnership being challenged by the community