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TRON’s autonomous and exclusive group TRX Diamond recently invited Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent for a chat last February 20th, 2020. This was a very up close and personal interaction with Sun and provided encouraging news for the future of Tron and BitTorrent. 

Here are exclusive details of the TRX Diamond interview with Justin Sun:

Justin mentioned that TRON is continuously growing at a steady rate and have improved the operations within the domestic community. Justin also mentioned the advice he received and constructive criticisms, that helped TRON to build a better community. The team is also encouraged to be one of the public chains of user’s choice when it comes to cryptocurrencies. 

Sun also shared about the strategic partnership with Poloniex and invited the users to check it out. As mentioned, it would be like your home away from home and in the future, the service of Poloniex would be integrated into TRON. 

With their recent Samsung partnership, this has helped TRON be more known to multi-million dollar companies that would like to have the TRON be included on their platforms.

Justin also mentioned his recent dinner with Warren Buffet who was highly skeptical of cryptocurrencies, once famously referring to bitcoin as “rat poison squared” and believed bitcoin was not a store of value but a “store of fear” because investors buy it out of “fear of what happens in the short term if the markets crash.” Though it was an experience for Sun and after their differ, he was contacted by several companies under Mr. Buffett and expressed willingness to collaborate with TRON. 

Sun assured everyone that the future is bright for TRON and it was a pleasant experience to know so many people who are willing to learn about cryptocurrency.


Blockchain Influencers collaboration with TRON

Justin mentioned that the 2018 and 2019 the bear market has hit us all, which caused many projects to collapse or shut down. TRON was there in the same situation and everyone on the team were working the extra mile to get as much work done as possible to overcome those challenges.

Maybe people are wondering why they still choose TRON? This is because TRON owns legit technology and top developers from Bitcoin and BitTorrent acknowledge it and show support for the company.


Top Developers Praises Tron

Justin also shared that most Bitcoin developers speak highly about TRON simply because they did not like Ethereum and from this point of view, we can definitely tell that these developers have a point. 

And their point was simply believing in TRON’s technology which made TRX one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies in the market. Keep in mind that Bitcoin developers, Blockstream CEO and Head of Technology all voiced their preference of TRON over Ethereum in public.


Introduction of the BTFS Mainnet

Justin mentioned as well that BTFS Mainet v1.0 is about to be live next week and it is expected to outperform IPFS which will make it more valuable and fully supported on BTFS. As you all know that BTT has already been in the eyes of the public and BTFS accepts BTT only.

It is expected that in the future, we will see large numbers of decentralized applications choose BTFS over IPFS. 


Planning for the Bear and Bull Market

Towards the end of Justin’s message, he encourages every Diamond Users to be patient and embrace the blockchain industry. Justin always believed in cryptocurrencies and did not sell any Bitcoins that he purchased since 2012. As mentioned, he is committed to this cause and steady progress will ultimately secure TRON’s throne in the crypto market. For now, we will have to be patient and start with a long-term strategy. 


Life and Work with TRON

Lastly, Justin shared that at TRON, employees work in distributed locations across the globe and has a set of global offices located in every continent of the world. This shows how the TRON team is committed to working 24/7. This is what life and work are like for people at TRON.

During Justin’s closing remark he informed that: 

Last but not least, I encourage all of our Diamond Users to be more outspoken and raise issues that need to be addressed at TRON. We will improve and address them accordingly.

With these words from the TRON founder, it is very well that we supporters are very lucky to have a very committed team in making TRON better for everyone. TRON is here to stay and has already made its mark in the crypto industry. TRX will surely be one of the big cryptocurrencies in the future. 

For more updates, please keep coming back on TronSpark for the latest news about the TRON. 



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TRX Diamond's chat invitation to Justin Sun: A recap of the conversation