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This week wasn’t about a little exchange based in Cyprus adding TRX to its trading pairs. This wasn’t about some crypto gaming dapp deciding to use the Tron blockchain. This week was about one of the monsters in the mainstream world offering APIs to support Tron transactions! Furthermore, Tron is now one of only four cryptocurrencies found in the Samsung Blockchain Keystore! Personally, I think people are still underestimating the importance of this. Samsung smartphones are the most used smartphones on the planet with close to 1 billion users worldwide. That is the perfect doorway for mass adoption. Just look at these stats:


What Started the Excitement?

It all came down to one of those famous Tweets by Justin. You know, the ones that you wonder if Tron has partnered with Sony by buying 100 flat screen TVs for the office. Sorry Justin, I love you and all, but that is what some people were thinking. Here is Justin’s Tweet:


The “Is This Real?” Moment

The images started circling the web. Are they fake? Is this photoshopped? These were the first images I came across:

After seeing these images, I still questioned myself “Could this be someone trying to pump TRX with some fake news?”. Nowadays, anything is possible. But in no time, Justin was on it.

Justin gave us what we were all waiting for. It felt like we have been waiting for this since January of last year.

Samsung is partnering with Tron. Yes, exactly that. Samsung devices will now have Tron as one of the four cryptocurrency options on their Blockchain Keystore. It will have Bitcoin, Ethereum, Klaytn, and Tron. We all know Ethereum and Bitcoin. Then we have Klaytn which is a local South Korean blockchain platform. Tron completes the fourth cryptocurrency of the announced bunch. Tron, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, is already designed to handle the high throughput required for dapps. This makes Tron the primary, if not only, option for any of the billion Samsung users wanting to use a dapp. Talk about big!  Not to mention the legitimacy that this gives to Tron in the eyes of big business. One day we may just remember this day as the day that blockchain transitioned to the mainstream world.

If you are a developer, developing on the Tron blockchain became that much more promising. Remember when Android first came out? I clearly remember because I was at the Google Conference, known as Google I/O, in 2008 in San Francisco. Half the conference was Android related while the other half was pertaining to social widgets such as Facebook Connect. The half that was there for Android probably did very well as they released the first applications for smartphones. In fact, some of the simplest apps got millions of downloads. The other half, well, they saw a beautiful city.


Justin Hits The Stage at SDC19

On the second day of the Samsung Developers Conference in San Jose, California, Justin Sun took the stage to talk about how Tron and Samsung will benefit each other. Here is the tweet with the video:


Justin Is A Happy Camper

Soon after the time on stage, Justin did a little livestream with his fans to show them the cool Galaxy Fold phone and to demonstrate how easy it is to create a crypto wallet on a Samsung device. This is about as happy as we have ever seen Justin. And rightfully so! You can see the demonstration below:


Now We Go Mainstream

The week is coming to a close. But things have radically changed for Tron. The Samsung partnership has been created and the tools are now available for the common folk to dive into crypto. Before, we had to explain to newbies what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are. This is not an easy thing to do. Very soon, we most likely will not have to. We have a device that half the world understands(except those with Apples…lol) and a user interface that will be no different from what the users are accustomed to. Just like when the internet first came out, the average person didn’t know how it worked, they just knew how to use it. Well, we are now one huge step closer to arriving at that same point. All we have to do is continue to introduce and educate people about Tron, but now with our Samsung phones. Much easier!


George Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 16 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. Ten years of which were in a real-time operations leadership role. An early investor in TRX and an avid blockchain enthusiast. Currently, handling Tronspark digital operations and residing in Miami, Florida.

The Week That Tron Met Samsung