Justalk: TRON continues to attract new projects

By March 24, 2020Tron | TRX

We are currently being challenged by a global pandemic that has been affecting our daily lives and it has been unstable within the cryptocurrency industry. Despite the situation, the Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation are keeping their head high and able to keep their moment going with a new strategic collaboration with Justalk.

Justalk project joined TRON’s ecosystem and swapped JUS tokens onto TRC-20 on March 20.  For those who are not aware of Justalk, it is a decentralized instant messaging app specifically for cryptocurrencies which was launched last December of 2019. This is also an all-in-one wallet with such features as, airdrops, staking, trading and more.  This partnership would be good for both of the companies and it will help encourage users to trade TRON (TRX) on the Justalk platform.

We are hoping for the best for TRON and Justalk, as both companies would be able to soar high and accomplish their goals in the cryptocurrency industry.


Asides from the newest collaboration, we congratulate TRON for their milestone:  

Justin’s TRON Foundation recently shared a new milestone for the total number of contracts created on TRON which exceed 30,000. 

Another achievement Sun tweeted is that there is a number of decentralized apps launched on TRON that is growing fast with a bigger audience. Plus he informed that the grown of active users of the trading volume is increasing steadily. 

The said milestone just shows how the future looks bright for TRON and the community support for Justin Sun’s company. For now, we are reminding everyone to be safe and always indoors,  as the pandemic will be able to control by the authorities soon.  For more news and updates, see TronSpark‘s website.


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