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  • TronVerse is building out an Open-World First person Shooter
  • Other NFT collections in TronVerse
  • Own Land, Earn Resources, Craft Weapons
  • Battle in user owned Arenas
  • Verse Token will be the main token in TronVerse
  • The team carries out development in an open and transparent way
  • TronVerse continues to build and is a bright spot in the Tron ecosystem




It is no secret that NFTs on all chains have been in somewhat of a downtrend over the past year.  The excitement of ownership has dwindled and users are now looking for significant utility.  NFTs can no longer sit idle in a wallet, they must be useful and provide lasting value. 

TronVerse entered the scene in October of 2021. This was, perhaps, the worst possible time to launch a collection on Tron.  Despite the turbulent times TronVerse built anyway and they continue to build.  Their Triple A development team quickly proved themselves by winning an award for the mini game “Tron bull Lite”.  A game that has garnered tens of thousands of plays and has given out well over 1B ApeNFT in P2E rewards. 

The team has now set their sights much higher.  The building of the first premium Open-World Metaverse Game within the Tron Ecosystem.  Building to not just bring value to the Tron Bulls collection but rather, potentially every collection within Tron.



The Backstory

The TronVerse team knew that the NFT market was quickly shifting.  The NFT space was and continues to be saturated with low quality Images, low quality promises and along with that, low quality utility.  Despite these truths the TronVerse team looked at the market and recognized that many of these problems are not result of pure malevolence or ill-will but rather that the step into providing high quality work is simply too steep for many of these projects to accomplish.  It is not easy to build quality. There is not a simple clicking of a button to establish instant utility for a collection.  This is part of the reason why TronVerse sought to take a different approach.  This is why TronVerse decided to include other NFT collections in their open world first person shooter.

What is TronVerse

TronVerse is aiming to be much more than a simple P2E game.  TronVerse is building for fun, entertainment and value.  In this open-world first person shooter users will be able to own their own plot of TronVerse land.  Land ownership will put users a step ahead, they will be able to maximize resource production giving them the ability to either use the resources to craft weapons and attachments or to sell the resources on the market.  TronVerse will incorporate Battle Arenas where users can face off with each other to earn.  Users can even own arenas setting their own standards for how they want gameplay to look and feel.

The Verse Token 

The Verse token is the overarching token of TronVerse.  The token will be used to purchase land, stake and earn.   Excitingly, every Tron Bull NFT Owner will receive an allocation of Verse tokens over a two year period.  There is a 200M Hard cap on the Verse token and 20 Million Tokens have been set aside for TronBull NFT Owners.  The team is close to launching Verse but has been said to be taking the current market conditions into consideration on when they launch.  A wise move.


Another bright spot about the TronVerse team is the fact that they do not shy away from sharing development progress.  This is one way that they are setting themselves apart from other projects who seem to keep the fine details about their project close to their chest.  The TronVerse team is perhaps one of the most transparent teams within the Tron ecosystem, constantly providing the community updates on where they are via their social channels and being very open to answering questions.


It is clear that the TronVerse team is creating something very special here.  What is most impressive is the fact that they are not just building for themselves but rather the entire Tron Ecosystem.  The Team continues to prove themselves every week by offering updates to their mini-Game Tron Bull lite, proving that they are continuously building to bring value to Tron and Tron based NFT holders.

You can check out TronVerse’ Social Channels Here:




Jose Robinson

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the University at Buffalo. Leader of a blockchain group aimed at helping new people get into crypto. Currently a content creator for TronSpark and based out of New York.

TronVerse is establishing a new standard for Play to Earn