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It was just announced that JustWrapper would be upgrading as zkWrapper and they are now an official independent team and product from JUST Foundation.

The zkWrapper is an upgraded product from its predecessor and they promise to add new features this year.

Here’s what we know about zkWrapper.


What is zkWrapper?

The zkWrapper is an upgraded product from JustWrapper and it is an anonymous trading Dapp built on the TRON blockchain. Users would be able to take advantage of their shielded transactions and the zkWrapper upgrade had four core features included:

  1. Zero-knowledge Proof, Secure and Reliable – zkWrapper utilizes advanced zero-knowledge proof and USDT is traded anonymously through a decentralized anonymous trading network.

  2. Instant Transactions – Based on the unique DPOS consensus mechanism of the internationally renowned decentralized network, it can produce real-time transfers from one account to another.

  3. Untraceable and Protected – This is one of the key features that ensure that every transaction is hidden and secured, and transaction attackers cannot associate the information on the blockchain with specific users.

  4. Easy to use Interface and Smooth UX Experience – The said Dapp has a user-friendly UI and all users would be able to use this app without getting lost and confused with its features.

The zkWrapper team remains the same and they are still well-funded and active as a developer. Their team consists of many experienced developers from the TRON community and other well-knowledgeable professionals in the cryptocurrency industry.

The zkWrapper team is the one who developed the well-known zk-SNARK-based privacy protocol on the TRON network and it continues to be the safest, most efficient, and least resource-consuming privacy protocol in the world.


What is JustWrapper?

Launched as TRONZ, it was a smart contract privacy protocol supported by a virtual machine and a smart-contract-powered blockchain to implement zk-SNARKs. They also made increased efforts in creating a secure public chain compliant with global regulations and policies

JustWrapper launched the MPC Non-profit Torch project last January 2019 and this was one of the highly successful projects that had surpassed Zcash to become the largest and most extensive MPC event with participation from hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts across countries and industries.

With zkWrapper going independent from JUST, this is just one step of going in a direction that they needed to go for this year and with being independent, this would help them get focused on improving their product and having new features in the near future. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll be able to support other TRON based tokens.

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zkWrapper: JustWrapper is now zkWrapper