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SunSwap, the first integrated platform for stablecoin swap, stake-mining, and self-governance on TRON, officially upgrades from V1.5 to V2.0.

The latest upgrade from SunSwap enables users to add liquidity to trading pairs of any two TRC-20 tokens and there will be no need for TRX as an intermediary to swap TRC20 tokens which would make it more convenient for most SunSwap users out there.

There is also a new swap routing protocol that automatically recommends the optimal swap path and a new liquidity migration feature allowing users to migrate liquidity quickly from the previous SunSwap V1 and V1.5 to SunSwap V2.

Asides from the mentioned features above, the recent upgrade of SunSwap also included an improved UI, interactions for Swap, Liquidity Pools, Explorer, and other modules.

What is SunSwap?

SunSwap is the upgraded JustSwap after being acquired by which started as SUN Genesis Mining that turned into a TRON-based platform that incorporates stablecoin swap, token mining, and self-governance.

SunSwap is officially the largest decentralized exchange in the whole TRON ecosystem since acquiring JustSwap.

The latest upgrade to SunSwap V2.0 provides users a better experience with the swap and liquidity mechanism, more improved SunSwap functionalities, and continues to be the best-decentralized exchange in the TRON blockchain.

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Jino Tokieda

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SunSwap: Officially Upgrades to V2.0