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Development – Beyond version 0.5

So much has been happening in the GameFi space that we want to ensure that we are launching with as many features as possible.  We have discussed that we are ahead of schedule on many of our features beyond V 0.5.  While our gaming system was being rebuilt on a different gaming architecture we utilized some of our developers to continue development beyond V 0.5.  Mobile play, (which is scheduled to be released in Version 1.0) for instance, is highly likely to launch with V 0.5.  We are also well into Version 2.0 and Version 3.0 features.  Beyond that, we have developed and are currently developing features that are not even talked about in our white paper.

Development – This week

This last week, the Score Milk developers continued to clean and polish the game.  Secondly, our developers have been working on adding significant layers of security to our payment system.  This task should be finished in the coming days.  Lastly, the team has been working hard on completing our mobile version of the game.  We are in the final phase of that process.


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Score Milk update - October 3, 2021