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Tron niTROn week is upon us.

There is no doubt that this is Tron’s biggest event to date.

In celebration of niTROn week, TronSpark will give 100% rewards for the remainder of the week.

Furthermore, we wanted to take this opportunity and thank our loyal voters with some undercover TRX. Those that had already voted for TronSpark have already been rewarded a full day of 100% rewards plus are close to a second full day. This should amount to a good chunk of TRX for you. Thank you for your support and loyalty!



George Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 16 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. Ten years of which were in a real-time operations leadership role. An early investor in TRX and an avid blockchain enthusiast. Currently, handling Tronspark digital operations and residing in Miami, Florida.

TronSpark is Celebrating niTROn Summit Week with 100% Rewards