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The Tron community is craving the gaming industry. We all want to see digital assets take form and for eSports to be huge on the Tron protocol. There is one gaming company entering the Tron ecosystem which looks to disrupt the very big eSports gaming industry. That is Intergalactic Gaming, also known as IGG.

As with any new project, I urge our readers to due their due diligence. Do not take my word, nor your friend’s shilling remarks of how Intergalactic Gaming will make you a millionaire. Instead, see the whitepaper below and decide for yourself. Research the team, their past accomplishments, their goals, and their token model, to name a few. After all, it will be your money going down the drain if the project flops.

Below you will find their litepaper which is very close to the whitepapers that we are all used to reading back in the ICO heaven days. Is this a winner? Let me know your thoughts. Click below.

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Nidia A

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An Introduction into Intergalactic Gaming(IGG): LitePaper Revealed