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This is the week all Tron supporters have been waiting for. The anticipation for this event has been growing on a daily basis for months now. Many Tron supporters will be getting on planes and heading to the most important city in the world when it comes to Tron. All in eagerness to what will be discussed on these two important days. Will there be any key announcements during the niTROn Summit? Will Bittorent details be disclosed? We’ll know pretty soon. We will also have the opportunity to network with other like-minded Tron supporters at key events taking place before, during, and after the Summit. I will go ahead and go over a few key ones in this article.


Events Taking Place Prior to the niTROn Summit

On Wednesday evening, there is a VIP dinner for those individuals who are speakers in the conference. At this event, the speakers will be able to meet each other and essentially break the ice. Unfortunately, this is not an event open to everyone. But don’t worry, we got a sweet event lined up for you. There is an event taking place on Wednesday, January 16th at The View Lounge at the Marriot Marquis at 5 PM. This has been organized by David and Misha at #IAmDecentralized. This should be a great Tron networking event. Tron Spark will also have several members attending later in the evening depending on flight arrivals.

You will not only get to meet and network with the Tron community, but you’ll have the best view in town. Add a few nice cocktails and you really can’t ask for a better evening.

So where is the Marriott Marquis? You can click the image for directions.


Wednesday Alternative for Developers and SRs

BitGuild is celebrating their 1 year Anniversary with a bang. An SR / Developer “meetup” to be more precise. This is a private event so make sure to get your free tickets as soon as possible by emailing Sean at Due to limited spacing, you must be an SR or a developer to attend. The event will take place at 05:30PM at 255 King Street in San Fran. You’ll be able to meet the CEO of BitGuild, Jared Psigoda, who will be flying in from Shenzhen. Being a gaming platform, it is only fitting that the party will move over to Coin-Op next door at 10PM, where you’ll be able to socialize and play some old time favorite arcade games, have cocktails and beers, and share some plates with other Tron peeps. Decisions, decisions!

I have included a clickable map below so you can easily find the location. Note: This is to Coin-Op.

If I had a choice, I would definitely hit up both events. But like I said, the BitGuild event is geared towards developers and SRs. 


A Dapp Event during the niTROn Summit

As part of this great event, many developers and dapps will be showcasing their potential in hopes of getting the mass adoption they deserve. One such dapp is Poppy which will be allowing their fans the opportunity to use their application when making retail purchases. They will also demonstrate how they are integrating with the TronCard, the payment card designed for the Tron protocol. You can RSVP here. This will be taking place during both days of the Summit. There is no cost.


TronSpark PentHouse Get Together

We are doing stuff off the books. Nothing illegal of course. But one of the Tron Spark team members rented out the penthouse at one of the key hotels in San Francisco. We hope to have a more casual meetup at this location and will play it by ear. In addition, we have invited  iReward, based in Tampa, Florida, to attend the niTROn Summit as we do believe that they have a lot of potential in changing the loyalty reward paradigm. iReward will be available throughout the niTROn Summit for any questions or discussions. If any Tron supporters or Tron developers want to meet up with us, feel free to message me at


The Tron After Party

Nothing goes better with a Summit than a kick ass after party. Here we will all be getting onboard Jack Ma’s yacht, along with Justin and Kobe, and partying the night away. Well, this may be the case in some other alternate universe, but not in the one we live in. Come to think about it, it may still happen, but it won’t be us getting onboard. But that is not to say that there will not be any happening after parties. SesameSeed is hosting a Poppy Popup Party following the niTROn Summit on Friday. You can purchase tickets for $20, at the time of this publication, at the following link. TronSpark will be present at this event unless we all get invited to that yacht party. In which case, SesameSeed will probably not be present as well.

See you all in San Fran! It’s going to be a great week ahead! And do not forget to email me if you want to get together with TronSpark at some point during the niTROn Summit. We will have 5 of our team members attending the Summit. See you all there!





George Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 16 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. Ten years of which were in a real-time operations leadership role. An early investor in TRX and an avid blockchain enthusiast. Currently, handling Tronspark digital operations and residing in Miami, Florida.

niTROn Summit and the Before and After