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For months, all Tron enthusiasts were eager in anticipation of the biggest Tron event ever to take place. This event was the niTRon Summit. Now that the event has culminated, I can say that it was quite an experience, more than I ever imagined. It was one gathering after the other, meeting amazing people from all over the world who all share the same passion for the Tron vision. I found it incredible how so many people from different walks of life all came together at niTROn and made it feel like family. It really did feel like getting together with a bunch of your old friends. This article is all about our trip to the niTROn Summit and the people who made it special.


The Day Before

The first person I met as a result of the niTRon Summit was David from @IAmDecentralized. I actually met him in Dallas as he was on my connecting flight to San Fran. We agreed to meet up later that night at his event at The View Lounge at the Marriott Marquis.

The first event I attended in San Fran was the VIP dinner for the speakers of the niTROn Summit. This was where I met for the first time some of the other Tron Super Representatives. Amongst the SRs present were CryptoDiva, TronOne, BitGuild, SesameSeed, TronsTronics, Team Tronics, and Tron Europe. I also got the opportunity to talk to several developers, such as Dan Chao, game designer of Crypto Assault, and other key Tron and BitTorent members such as Justin Sun and Justin Knoll, Project Lead of Tron Atlas. Yes, I got to exchange a few words with Justin Sun himself. Those that have met him know that he is a very approachable and down to earth individual. As for Justin Knoll, the guy is a beast. He explained to me a lot of how Project Atlas was going to function regarding the hybrid model of on-chain versus off-chain transactions.


After the dinner, I headed out to The View event and met up with David and Misha at @IAmDecentralized. At this event, I also met the Tron Society crew. These are guys who I have chatted with on Telegram on many occasions going back to way before they became an SR. They are by far the youngest of the bunch. I think that 3 of their 4 members are 20 years old or younger. How they got into this bar/lounge, I have no idea. But glad to have finally met them in person. They are great people who are also of great value to Tron. In fact, they won $10k in the Accelerator program thanks to their Converse chat application coming out soon.


You can follow Mike, from the picture above, here. He is another Tron supporter who is always putting out videos about Tron. Below is another very familiar face from Twitter. You can follow him here.


The Day We have All Been Waiting For

The rest of the Tron Spark team has arrived. Eder, Nam, Kevin, and Ryan are now in the building. So no more pictures of just me. This is the niTROn Summit on a rainy morning! But who cares about the rain. It’s the niTROn Summit!

A nice packed house for Tron!

FYI…I am not going to post all the summit pictures as we all know what that looked like.

When lunch came around, the group got together for a bite along with our friends from iReward. This is where we found the infamous sasquash right here in San Francisco. Do you believe it? All these years the guys at Finding Big Foot have been searching the Alaskan wilderness for the 8 foot beast, yet it happened to be right here with Justin Sun. It shows what a little TRX can do. In fact, it was a true die hard Tron sasquash! See pic below. It even gave us a few extra Tron T-shirts that it outgrew.

After the Day 1 Summit, we all headed for the Gala Dinner at the adjacent building which was all about food, drinks, music, and socializing. There we came across some great faces that we admire, such as CryptoChain. He flew all the way from Brazil to be at niTROn. For those of you that have supported Tron Spark for a while, you remember how much CryptoChain helped us when we first became an SR. To this day, he still gives us a helping hand when we need it. He actually helps anyone that needs it, he is that much of a great guy. I vote for him. This is Fernando, also known as CryptoChain.


It is always good to make some time for a little fun.

Here you can see Justinas from Team Tronics(on the left). Great guy all around. You can read all about his addictive Cipher game here.
We then went to a sky lounge at night for a few snacks and drinks. I believe it was called Cityscape Lounge at the Hilton. Very nice views.


Day 2 of niTROn

It’s Kobe Bryant day! And it’s get up on stage day for me. The nerves.

That was quite an experience. I can’t say I did as I hoped, but I am glad I got the opportunity to put myself out of my comfort zone. That’s the only way you better yourself in the long run. It somewhat reminded me of dancing 20 years ago. I was two left feet back then and all self conscious about my head sticking out in the crowd, and thanks to some magic wand that came down on me(I seriously think that), I have had a blast on the dance floor for the last 20 years. It all comes down to practice.  Therefore, I’ll be hitting ToastMasters starting next Thursday at the FIU campus. Hit me up if you are interested in attending as well.

So now its lunch time and time to go check out Poppy. In the picture below you have Ryan and Eder testing out the San Fran coffee scene. That’s Eder’s thing.

You can check out below how easy it was to buy that Donut using the Grid card. If crypto transactions were all that easy, we would be living in a crypto world.



It’s Kobe Time!

You can check out the video of the Kobe interview below. You can see that he will have many successes in life beyond the basketball court. I found him to be an excellent speaker with a lot of talent. Hopefully, he and Justin team up in the future.


The line to meet Kobe.

Double date with Dirk from Tron Europe, his girlfriend, and my fiancée. Dirk is one of those people you just like from the minute you meet him.


Ready for niTRON 2020

I must admit, niTROn was an amazing experience. From the minute we arrived, we got to meet and hang out with the people who shared the same vision and passion as us. The same people we interact with on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Youtube, and Discord to name a few. Each with different talents and different personalities. Yet, all part of the same family, the Tron family.  Ideas were exchanges and amazing relationships were established which will all serve for the betterment of the Tron ecosystem. For those that were not able to make it due to life circumstances, it happens. But do start planning for niTROn 2020. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. It was an experience of a lifetime for anyone who is a Tron enthusiast.

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George Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 16 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. Ten years of which were in a real-time operations leadership role. An early investor in TRX and an avid blockchain enthusiast. Currently, handling Tronspark digital operations and residing in Miami, Florida.

The Tron Spark niTROn Experience