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It’s all about BitTorrent’s BTT airdrop. BTT this and BTT that. And rightfully so! BitTorrent is by far the largest application to hit the cryptosphere. We are talking about millions of user, and some say up to 100 million users, that will get introduced to cryptocurrencies via the BTT token. So it is only normal for everyone to be excited about the BTT airdrop. BTT will create a new economy for providing content online. Users will now be able to monetize their own content without giving up a large portion of the revenues to companies like Youtube and Facebook.


The BTT Airdrop in February and Beyond

On February 11th, 2019, it is estimated that each TRX will get airdropped 0.11 BTT. Some places state a 1 to 1 ratio but that is a bit misleading as it may be based on the total payout by 2025. On February 11th, it will be approximately 0.11 BTT per TRX. This number is an estimate which BitTorrent will update as the date approaches. But it shouldn’t be much different from this as the variables are TRX block production and token burn. You can visit the official BitTorrent website here for more updates on anything BTT related. Keep in mind that every month there will be another airdrop, in the amount of 990,000,000 BTT, on the 11th of each month thereafter. After a year, there is another payout for the next year which gets a little larger each year until 2025. For instance, it is 1,072,500,000 each month for year 2. But I won’t get into all the numbers as it is a good while away.


Exchanges and Wallets Supporting the BTT Airdrop

So where do we get the BTT airdrop? That’s the number 1 question in the Tron world. Well, here they are in no particular order. As we know, Justin keeps adding them by the hour.

And yes, will support the BTT airdrop!!! Justin has confirmed it via Twitter. So for most on Tronscan, there is absolutely nothing for you to do but maybe educate your peers on the vision of Tron. It is through education that we grow and evolve the Tron protocol.



Now it is time to either sit back and watch the airdrop take place or maybe, if your financial situation allows, buy more TRX to take full advantage of the largest dapp token to hit the crypto market. As always, I am not a financial advisor, therefore, please be responsible with your money. Do not put your kid’s college tuition on crypto. Crypto is still in its early stages and anything can happen.

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BitTorrent's BTT is the Talk of the Town