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TRON Foundation plus its partners APENFT and WINKLink are set to launch a $300 Million GameFi project called TRON Arcade fund which will be investing in GameFi projects for the next three years.

It is believed that the GameFi (Gaming + Defi) industry would be as big as the NFT market which generated a lot of interest from the community over a short period of time and the TRON Arcade fund is committed to fully support this amazing project.

What is TRON Arcade?

TRON Arcade fund is a collaboration between TRON Foundation, APENFT the TRON-based non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, and WINKLink, the data oracle running on the TRON network.

The mentioned fund is set to support developers to create games using the play-to-earn mechanism similar to some of the popular blockchain games on most blockchains these days. This would allow gamers to earn rewards while playing their favorite games.

Rewards could be in a form of a gaming currency which they can use to purchase in-game items and it can be also used as a currency such as the known gaming tokens in the market.

TRON Arcade fund’s GameFi project would be one of the most exciting projects that we’ve heard from TRON and its partners this year and they aim to bring this growing market to the users of TRON, APENFT, and WINKLink blockchains.

What is GameFi?

GameFi is the gamification of financial mechanism where gamers can earn profits by playing games and they are also known as the “play-to-earn” games in the market these days.

This is similar to the blockchain games such as Axie Infinity which has exploded in some regions of the world as more gamers have been playing this game to earn AXS which is an Ethereum-based currency and also gives them a chance to be rewarded of NFT’s within the game.

Other famous blockchain games making waves in the market right now are Upland and Prospectors.

TRON Arcade fund’s move to support the GameFi project would be perfect at this point as more gamers have moved from traditional gaming and more into play-to-earn games these days.

As a gamer, this really excites me and we can’t wait to know what games they are adding to the TRON Arcade fund in the following months.

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TRON Arcade Fund: TRON Foundation's $300 Million GameFi Project