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Jose Joins the Score Milk Team

Please join us in welcoming Jose to the Score Milk Leadership Team.

Jose (known as Captain_BTC on Twitter) first introduced himself to the Tron community by creating highly engaging content for Tronspark. Jose is a proponent of using technology to expand economic freedom and democracy. Leveraging his skillset in omnichannel marketing, he will be responsible for the business strategy and growth marketing of the Score Milk platform.

Smart Contract

Last weeks update mentioned there was one additional item on the smart Contract that needed to be amended before the creation of the MILK token.  This enhancement to the Smart Contract is nearly complete.  The main improvement to the Smart Contract is to add a multi signature requirement on the wallet interaction.  The multi signature element requires multiple individuals (or private keys) to sign off on important transactions.   This is an added layer of security for both the team and for MILK holders.

We continue to test the contract in regards to gameplay and real world interaction.


We released a “Tokenomics 101” article.  The article outlined how the MILK token will interact with the TRON ecosystem.  Furthermore it touched on the basics of how to earn MILK, how MILK will be staked, and the unique 3 tier referral program that will be featured on Score MILK.  Lastly, “Tokenomics 101” also spoke about how external game developers can develop on the Score Milk platform.  

MILK token Launch

We are very excited to launch the MILK token.  Thank you very much for your patience as we add additional layers for security, accountability, and transparency.  We strongly believe this will give MILK holders confidence in the platform as Score Milk launches and grows.


Score Milk has launched a Discord Channel, you can click here to join.  Make sure you also follow Score Milk’s twitter and telegram channel for the most up to date information.


Score Milk Update - October 25, 2020