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The Score Milk team couldn’t be more excited that their MILK token is about to launch any day now!

The team saw an incredible opportunity in PVP gaming.  Skill-based competitive gaming has been lacking in the crypto world.  Perhaps it’s because of the complicated structure that is needed to build such a platform.  Perhaps it’s the multiple layers of security that is needed.  Score Milk saw the challenges and pushed through them knowing that the gaming industry is about to explode.  By 2025 the industry is set to generate 300 Billion.  With Score Milk leveraging blockchain technology, there are many opportunities in the pipeline. Provability, anonymity, and instant transactions are just a few of the things Score Milk plans to bring into the gaming world. 

Despite all of the great work done, Score Milk would be nothing if it did not focus on a genuine, unique, and visionary ecosystem. 

Let us delve into how Score Milk developed its platform to build value while having a great time with your friends.

Game Play Basics

As you likely already know, Score Milk is a 1 vs 1 skill-based gaming platform which is on the TRON blockchain.  Players will compete with each-other, each putting up a chosen amount of TRX or MILK.  The player who wins receives an outstanding 95% of the pot.  The other 5% goes towards Score Milks platform Distribution.  Keep reading.

The Milk Token

Hopefully you won your game but if you did not don’t despair.  Regardless of the results of any competition BOTH players will receive MILK tokens just for playing.  The more you play the more MILK you will earn.  At this time, you will receive 1 MILK for every 1000 trx you play.  The Milk Token is a TRC 20 token and has a Hard Cap of 100 Million Tokens, however as time goes on that Hard cap will be lowered as the strategic burning mechanisms kick in.


In Version 2.0 you will have the opportunity to “Stake” your MILK tokens.  60% of the platform fees will be redirected back (as TRX) to those who have chosen to Stake their Milk Tokens.  The more users play the more TRX that ends up in the pot.  Every 24 hours the pot will be proportionally distributed to those who have their MILK staked.  You will choose the duration of how long you want stake, the length of your stake will have an impact on the Burn functions which we will chat about below.

Going Beyond

Here is where most platforms would end, they have their game play, they have their tokens, and they have their staking.  Score Milk did not stop here.  We went much further adding in referrals, burning mechanisms, and ensuring that we have continual growth on the platform.  Keep reading.

Tell your Friends

You had so much fun playing you will certainly want to tell your friends.  Score Milk has a unique 3 tier referral system.  Every time your friend (referral) plays you will receive 5% of the MILK that they earn.  Every person your friend refers, and for every person that friend refers you will earn 2.5% of the MILK that they earn.  This is an incredible opportunity for early adopters.  This is also a unique way to market, and incentivize promotion of Score Milk which will push Score Milk to the next level.

Burn Mechanism

Score Milk wants the MILK token to be valuable to those who stake.  To this end, three key burn mechanisms were created.

  1. The First Day Burn is genius.  The first day rewards from Staking your Milk tokens will be burnt.  This will encourage users to stake their tokens long term, while at the same time increasing value for all MILK holders.
  2. The Early Withdrawal Burn is another strategy to encourage long term staking.  If a user wishes to withdraw their staked MILK early, they can.  After all the tokens are theirs.  If a user opts to unstake their tokens early their Last days rewards will be burned.
  3. The Game implementation Fees – The game implementation fees cover the costs associated in launching an external game onto the Score Milk Platform.  These fees which are generally paid by developers (or users if they wish) will also be burn to the benefit of all MILK holders.

External Developers

Perhaps one of the most exciting part of Score MILK is that Score Milk is leveraging talent from across every single community to build and play on Score Milk.  Users have the ability to play new, and exciting games by private developers.  Developers will also have the opportunity to enter a vibrant gaming community and earn every time their game is played.  It is a match made in heaven.


As you can see the Score Milk team has thought of everything.  Now go grab yourself a glass of MILK and tell your friends.

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Score Milk Tokenomics 101