CoinBene: Now supports BTCTRON

By October 26, 2020BitTorrent, Tron | TRX

CoinBene, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange has announced that effective today they will be supporting BTCTRON transactions on their platform, and users can withdraw and deposit BTCTRON on their accounts.

Let’s get to know more about this exchange.


What is CoinBene?

CoinBene is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in Singapore last 2017 and they offer fiat trading, cryptocurrency assets, OTC services, and liquidity management and marketing services.

They also operate as a mining exchange with their own cryptocurrency called CONI, which is issued on the Ethereum platform. CoinBene’s Coni token (CONI) cuts trading fees in half, to only 0.05%. Fees are also the same for market makers and takers. Compared to other centralized exchanges on the market, CoinBene’s fees are competitive.

The exchange also provides a secure and stable system that is capable of supporting multiple transactions per second while offering multi-layer protection. CoinBene has dedicated customer services for its users and has multiple support for all platforms such as iOS, Android, and H5.

They cover over 180 countries globally and provide users safe and reliable services on crypto asset trading and managing.


What is BTCTRON?

BTCTRON is a TRC20 token based on TRON which injects the BTC’s value to the TRON network and powers the JUST ecosystem. In simple terms, it’s a type of wrapped Bitcoin available on the TRON blockchain.

Transactions under BTCTRON are very reliable, efficient especially converting Bitcoin into TRC20-BTC. BTCTRON ensures to have the lowest trading fees and high transaction speeds.

BTCTRON has been making headlines week by week and the future looks bright for the wrapped Bitcoin under the TRON blockchain. Let us know in the comments below about your thoughts about BTCTRON on CoinBene.

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