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Development Update

Score Milk has reached a major milestone. Although work remains to tie the updated backend infrastructure with the front end, we are pleased to share that gameplay testing has commenced. Testing will happen in phases. The first of which is security. The team is doing internal testing and cross referencing ethical hackers in order to ensure robust security measures.

If you are an ethical hacker and would like to help in the development of our platform, please reach out to our team.

Delta Investment Tracker

Score Milk is pleased to share that the #MILK token has been added to the Delta Investment Tracker.

Delta describes their tracker as “One app to track all your investments. Fully Free”.  Furthermore, they describe the app as one that allows you to “Make solid investment decisions based on data.  Our revolutionary investment tracker app provides an effective way for you to get a clear overview of your investment, especially if  you invest one several asset types”

The Delta Investment Tracker is available for both Android or IOS. You can check it out here.

Bitcoin Price Contest

Congratulations to Twitter user “Intersteller” @masoodvp777 for winning our BTC price guessing contest.  Interstellar guessed the correct price of BTC on within an impressive margin of only $8.84



Product Spotlight

How does Score Milk differ from your run of the mill blockchain gambling DApp?

Gambling apps, by their nature, have the odds stacked against you. The more you play, the closer you get to that statistical probability of losing. There is no long term strategy to come out ahead. That’s a fact! As for skill-based games, the sky’s the limit. The better you are at playing a game and beating your opponents, the more you will win. Score Milk believes that skill-based games will present many opportunities for the gaming community in the years ahead.




*As always, please check out the Score Milk white paper.  Make sure you follow Score Milk’s Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels for the most up to date information.

*Legal: Before obtaining any MILK tokens please ensure you are eligible to do so in the country you reside in.  Visit for our regulation and compliance information.


Score Milk Update - January 31, 2021