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TRON Foundation’s TRC20-ETH (ETHTRON) had been making waves since the start of the year and most exchanges or cryptocurrency wallets had been adding ETHTRON on their platforms.

This February, another crypto wallet company joins them as Math Wallet now supports ETHTRON withdrawals and deposits.

What is Math Wallet?

Math Wallet is a multi-platform universal cryptocurrency wallet that enables token storage of 60 plus blockchains including BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Filecoin, Solana, BinanceChain, just to name a few and it supports cross-chain token exchange, multi-chain dApp store and operates nodes for POS chain.

Math Wallet is available for both iOS and Android users, they also have a web browser extension, a cloud-based web wallet and supports hardware wallets such as Ledger and Wookong Bio.

The crypto wallet company was founded in 2017 and the previous year, Math Global Foundation, the Singapore-based foundation behind the development of MathWallet, completed a $12m Series B funding round from Binance Labs.

Asides from their multi-platform wallet, they also had MATH staking, a VPoS Pool that rewards users for their mining, the MATH Swap for instant and secure cryptocurrency exchange and lastly, their very own MATH token which can be used to redeem Math Wallet products.

What is ETHTRON?

ETHTRON (Ethereum on TRON) is a TRC20 token based on TRON which injects the Ethereum’s value into the TRON network. The TRC20-ETH token was launched last year by Justin Sun as a way to bring Ethereum into the TRON blockchain which made it more reliable and efficient.

Compared to Ethereum, ETHTRON under the TRON blockchain has lower transaction fees which made more users switching to ETHTRON.

What is next for ETHTRON?

TRON had been sailing smoothly with their ETHTRON, we believe that there would be more cryptocurrency wallet companies and exchanges to support ETHTRON on their platforms.

With Math Wallet supporting ETHTRON are you seeing more cryptocurrency wallet companies follow? Only one thing for sure, that there are no signs of slowing down for the ETHTRON this year.

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Jino Tokieda

Former EMEA/APAC Operations Executive for a global photography company with 5 years of experience working with top technology companies in the US and have been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2019. Always been a fan of TRON and started getting into the TRX scene around 2020. Besides creating articles for Tron Spark, I'm a skateboarder and a full-time dad to two wonderful kids.

Math Wallet: Newest Crypto Wallet Supporting ETHTRON