Cobo Wallet: Now Supports ETHTRON Withdrawals and Deposits

By January 25, 2021Tron | TRX

It was just announced by TRON Foundation that Cobo Wallet, the pioneers of cryptocurrency wallet to support pooled staking and masternode rewards on user holdings, are fully supporting ETHTRON withdrawals and deposits.

Cobo Wallet is Cobo’s flagship mobile wallet which allows users to grow and secure their cryptocurrencies easier.

Let’s check more about Cobo Wallet.


What is Cobo Wallet?

Cobo is one of the cryptocurrency wallets that pioneered Proof of Stake and masternod pooling which enables users to safely store, use crypto and invest digital cryptocurrencies within one wallet.

The staking feature of the Cobo Wallet, allows users to hold cryptocurrencies with (PoS) and start earning by staking their cryptocurrency tokens.

Asides from their staking feature, they provide high-level security for their app which has been proven to prevent unauthorized temperance or breaches on the user’s wallet.

Cobo also has their high-end cold storage wallet for advanced users called Cobo Vault which features an open-source, FIPS 140-2 secure element and a self destruct function. The Cobo Vault provides industry-leading security against both hacks and damage. They also have Cubo Custody, which is a cryptocurrency asset management platform, which makes it easier for users to grow and protect their cryptocurrency assets.

It features a beyond hot-cold storage of funds, top of the line bank-grade HSM, multi-signature authorization, and a customizable risk management policy and does help clients grow their assets through Cobo’s innovative staking features and other tools.

Cobo currently supports over thirty different coins, 700 cryptocurrency tokens, and an integrated DApp store in the future is in the works.


What is ETHTRON?

ETHTRON (Ethereum on TRON) is a TRC20 token based on TRON which injects the Ethereum’s value into the TRON network.

The ETHTRON token has its key advantages such as reliability and efficiency. Plus it’s powered by the TRON network which means low trading fees and super-fast transactions.

The addition of ETHTRON on Cobo Wallet creates more opportunities for more TRON-wrapped tokens to be added in the future and shows how far TRON already made with their wrapped tokens such as the BTCTRON and ETHTRON.

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