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When you hear the word Klever, there is always one thing that comes into my mind and it is one of the best crypto wallets out there in the industry. From their humble beginnings as TronWalletMe up to now, they have been leading the standard when it comes to storing your cryptos.

Klever was one of the first cryptocurrency wallets that I have used to store my TRX and up to now, I still continue to use the wallet on a daily basis from staking my tokens to purchasing cryptos, I have been satisfied using their app.

As years go by, I learned more about Klever and I learned the inspiring story of the man behind the crypto wallet, Dio Ianakiara.

Big Dreams in São Paulo

Dio Ianakiara was born and raised in São Paulo and experienced hardships in his early life, as a young child who is experiencing poverty, he was always determined that he will achieve his goals by starting to learn new things and exploring ways how he can slowly work his way up the ladder.

From working on a farm during his teenage years and making 2 USD per day, selling food and vegetables, working as a supermarket packer, a baker helper, and typist by the age of 19, Dio was able to save all of his hard-earned money to purchase a computer and that’s where his big dreams started.

Since the beginning, Dio was eager to learn new things and he learned to develop and acquire knowledge using the internet on his computer. Even though he was using an outdated computer, it never really bothered him as this is his way to have a better future for himself and his family.

As he said ” If you’re willing to work hard, study, try new things and make mistakes in order to improve yourself, all your dreams and goals will eventually come true.” this is just proof that he was able to take risks and accept challenges early on his life and eventually overcoming them one by one.

His career started to take place when he became an intern at IBM and slowly worked his way up to become a Software Architect by the age of 28 and to become the CEO of Klever by the time he was 30 years old.

Klever’s Humble Beginnings

Dio started his company in 2010 and his personal experiences in his life helped him to be more determined to do good in any work or projects that he handled. Klever’s predecessor was Getty/IO and it was their way to simply survive, by selling software and cloud consulting to different clients.

The company started in Dio’s apartment alongside his friends and day by day their team worked hard in order for the company to operate and survive. As years go by Getty/IO started to grow slowly and from 2016 to 2018 they were able to deliver 100 projects before making the Klever app into a reality.

But that road didn’t go smoothly as planned, Getty/IO also experienced hardships throughout the years but in the end, they were able to overcome those hurdles one by one until they started the Klever app.

Klever Wallet Now

Since starting the Klever app, Dio and his team were able to gather all ideas to create the crypto wallet that we know today. In just 3 years the app grown fast from having over 2 million users worldwide have downloaded the app, to 100,000 daily active users and half a million monthly active users daily, this made their mark on the industry globally.

They were able to add different features throughout the years such as their very own Klever Coin and the Klever Swap.

Now, Klever wallet is not just your ordinary crypto wallet, it is a tool to help you manage your finances in your pocket and this was all because of one guy who never stopped dreaming early in his life, who never gives up in any challenges he faces and a guy who always wanted to reach his dream, the one, and only Dio Ianakiara.

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Klever: Dio's Inspiring Story