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Coinone Broadens Its Portfolio with TRC20-USDT Listing

In a significant move for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Coinone, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the listing of TRC20-USDT, expanding its diverse range of trading options. This development marks a new chapter in Coinone’s offerings, providing its users with increased flexibility and more choices for their trading activities.


TRC20-USDT is a variation of the popular stablecoin, USDT (Tether), operating on the TRON network. This integration caters to a growing segment of the market that prefers the TRON network for its lower transaction fees and faster processing times compared to other blockchains.

TRC20-USDT on Coinone

The listing of TRC20-USDT on Coinone is particularly noteworthy as it aligns with the exchange’s commitment to offering innovative and user-friendly trading experiences. With this addition, traders on Coinone can now take advantage of the stability of USDT while enjoying the benefits of the TRON network.


For existing Coinone users, this integration means more trading pairs and potentially better liquidity. New users, especially those familiar with the TRON network, will find this a compelling reason to explore Coinone’s platform.

Coinone’s decision to list TRC20-USDT is a response to the evolving needs of the global cryptocurrency community. It reflects the exchange’s dedication to staying ahead of market trends and continuously enhancing its service offerings.

What is Coinone?

Coinone is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea, renowned for its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and diverse range of trading options. Established in 2014, it has quickly become one of the leading platforms in the Asian cryptocurrency market. Coinone offers trading in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular digital assets.

The platform is known for its stringent security protocols, making it a trusted choice for both novice and experienced traders. In addition to standard exchange services, Coinone provides additional financial services related to cryptocurrencies, such as remittances and asset management, catering to a wide array of user needs in the digital currency space.

This listing is expected to attract a broader user base to Coinone, reinforcing its position as a versatile and forward-thinking cryptocurrency exchange. As the crypto market continues to mature, Coinone’s proactive approach to embracing new technologies and trends like TRC20-USDT is a testament to its commitment to providing the best possible trading experience to its users.

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Coinone: Broadens Its Portfolio with TRC20-USDT Listing