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With the popularity of cryptocurrencies these days there has been a high demand for crypto wallets in the market. One of them was Vision, a crypto portfolio app with an integrated multi-chain wallet and we were able to interview them last weekend. They have shared their journey from the start and from having success on their early projects and overcoming challenges and their support with other developers.

Here’s the transcript of our interview with Dave of Vision Crypto.

Dave, please introduce yourself and let us know what you do for Vision Crypto?

Hi, My main role at Vision is to assist with questions regarding the app and help if a user has any issues.I’m also involved with the crypto community and try to be active on social media as much as possible, whether that be introducing users to Vision or helping community members and newcomers to the industry.

What is Tron Society and how did it start to get involved with TRON?

Tron Society is a Tron Super Representative Partner and was founded by Marius Gill and Luca Marie Kliese.

Marius first got involved with TRON when he developed the first mobile wallet for TRX and won the TRON developer contest in 2018.

Tell us more about your current team and how did you guys meet?

The team is made up of 4 members: Marius, Luca, Pascal, and me. Marius and Pascal are the team’s developers with many years’ experience of building apps and games. Luca is our overall manager who takes care of the day to day including the web design and marketing.

Marius, Luca, and Pascal are all based in Germany and I am in the UK. I got involved with the team by reaching out to them just on the off chance that they might want help when first starting Tron Society, I sent over my resume and they took me onboard pretty much straight away and since then we are not only a working team but the best of friends.

What were the first projects you got into with your team and are there any projects that halted or did not proceed?

The first project was the original Android wallet which was a great success and still has a reasonable size of users today. The second project was a game called Tron Gamble (I think it was actually one of the first Dapps on the TRON network) That was a product which we had to end fairly quickly as it was unsustainable but we definitely took lessons from it.

Another project we worked on was an app called Converse. This was a messaging app where each message was completely on-chain in the form of a transaction and fully encrypted, we put this app together in just 30 days and was a finalist in the TRON accelerator program. We had to end this as it was more of a ‘this is what can be achieved’ type app which we have now open-sourced and there is a team looking to build on from it.

How about successful projects? Tell us more about it.

Development of wallets has always been something we wanted to do, and the first wallet reached 100k installs on Android. The first wallet was completely focused on TRON and the tokens on the network and we are extremely proud of how that went. Our focus now is Vision which we hope will be much more of a success.

What led your team to create Vision? Who was the one in charge of the design and how long did it take to be completed?

Marius was the lead developer who along with Pascal built the app to where it is now in around 6 months. We all added our own ideas and touches, we are always honest with each other, if something is not quite right, we will work together to find a solution.

As for the app being completed, I don’t think an app can ever be completed. I would say we are only just starting.

What are the advantages of the Vision Crypto wallet from other wallets? Also, do you plan to compete with Tron Wallet Me?

Vision is more than a wallet, it is a portfolio management tool, a news feed, users can swap assets directly in the app and much more (We are working on so many more features too).

We have never wanted to compete with anybody, we know the ‘Tron Wallet Me’ team well and are more than happy for them with the success they have had so far. We just want to do our own thing and believe the more developers in the industry the better.

What is your vision for your current crypto wallet for the next 5 years?

I cannot see a reason why we can’t be an all-in-one go-to app for crypto users, new and old, we already have users from all four corners of the globe. We would like to increase the size of the team long term and I think with support from the community we really could achieve great things.

Do you have plans to create a Vision cryptocurrency in the future?

That isn’t something we are thinking about in the near future, but I would never say never, with the industry as a whole always evolving new opportunities might occur.

Lastly, what is your message to the followers and supporters of Vision?

Thank you for following our journey so far, we would not be doing what we do without the community. We love hearing feedback from the community and I would argue that its most important part of our building process. If we are doing something wrong we would much prefer to be shouted at so we can put it right rather than a user leave us. We All Share The Same Vision.

We would like to thank Dave and his team for this interview and we definitely know that Vision Crypto will have more success for their dedication and development of the said crypto wallet. For more information about Vision Crypto, you may visit their website and it’s available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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Vision: Exclusive interview with Dave of Vision Crypto