TRON: TUSD Officially Live on TRON Century Mining

By April 19, 2021Tron | TRX

A couple of weeks ago TrueUSD, a USD-pegged cryptocurrency otherwise known as stablecoins launched their very own TRC20-TUSD token on the TRON blockchain and as of today, they are the newest project to join the TRON Century Mining.

By simply staking $TUSD, you’ll be receiving 5 rewards in TRX, BTT, SUN, JST, and WIN tokens.

Since its launch today, a total of $63 Million are already staked for the TUSD-TRX LP pool for TRON Century Mining.


What is TRON Century Mining?

TRON Century Mining is a project from TRON Foundation alongside BitTorrent, JUST Foundation, SUN Foundation, and WINk.

Users who take part in the TRON Century Mining will earn 5 tokens in return: TRX, SUN, BTT, JST, WIN.

The TUSD-TRX LP Pool duration starts today the April 19th, 2021 21:00 until May 3rd, 2021 20:59 (SGT) and there will be TUSD-TRX LP liquidity mining speed of up to 42 and this will allow users a mining experience of high earnings at a high speed.

To stake TUSD-TRX LP, you would just need to go to and provide liquidity to earn LP tokens, then, go to the website to start staking LP tokens.


What is TrueUSD?

TrueUSD is the first stablecoin created on the TrustToken Platform and all TUSD users are provided with regular attestations of escrowed balances, full collateral, and legal protection against the misappropriation of the underlying USD.

TUSD has currently listed on over 70 cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, OKex, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc.

The addition of TrueUSD on the TRON Century Mining encourages more users to get the opportunity to earn 5 tokens in just one attempt.

As we previously mentioned, the TRON Century Mining is a project that has a lot of opportunities to be bigger and better this year, just like what happened today with the addition of TrueUSD.

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