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Let’s face it, one of the biggest issues with blockchain and decentralized apps is that they are way too hard to use. If you want to use an app, you have to create a new wallet and log in to your main wallet using your private key, then send coins to that newly created wallet hoping that you didn’t make any mistakes that would give your precious coins a one way ticket to the underworld. Not to mention the paranoia that a hacker or your upset girlfriend looking over your shoulder may steal your private key. My grandma won’t be able to do all that and neither will yours. How do we make it easier to use apps then? I’m glad you asked, TronLink is the answer!

The Browser Extension

TronLink serves as a wallet that lives inside your web browser and makes it simple to interact with the Tron blockchain. You can download it as an extension on Chrome, Brave Browser, and Firefox. To set it up, just type in a password twice and write down the backup words. How easy was that? If you’re switching over from Ethereum to Tron, you’ll realize it’s similar to Metamask. Due to Tron having a blazing fast blockchain, TronLink can communicate with apps in mere seconds and transactions are pretty much free.

TronLink for Developers

What is the use of a dapp if there is no easy way to interact with it? Well, TronLink gives websites this ability. It provides a developer interface that ties the website to the dapps running on the blockchain. TronLink provides the necessary API for developers to be able to interact with smart contracts on the blockchain. Essentially, it brings the techy aspect of blockchain and displays it on a website for the average person to interact with. Developers can view the open source code on their github page.

A Screenshot of the Tronlink Chrome Extension

Gateway for the Masses

With new apps coming out on a daily basis, TronLink is able provide such an awesome user experience that it will drive user adoption. Are you a high roller and making bank at the casinos? Head over to, sign into TronLink, and start making it rain…on the blockchain. What about that friend of yours who’s always shilling the next hidden gem they found on Coinmarketcap? Load up TronLink and start trading in seconds when TronWatch Market is released. These two use cases are only the tip of the iceberg on what will be possible with this wallet/extension. Get your passport ready and start exploring!


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Jose Robinson

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the University at Buffalo. Leader of a blockchain group aimed at helping new people get into crypto. Currently a content creator for TronSpark and based out of New York.

TronLink: Your Passport to Distributed Applications (Dapps)