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Holy Moly! Did I read that right? 100,000 transactions! That’s a lot of trasactions in one day. It comes out to over 20% of all Tron app transactions in a 24 hour period. In fact, they were a big part in surpassing Ethereum in daily transactions. Yes, you heard right, Tron surpassed Ethereum in daily transactions on October 18th! So what is it that makes TronBet so popular? Is it the fact that it is a provably-accurate betting platform? What do I mean by provably-accurate? Exactly what it says. In any centralized online gaming application, one has to take the word of the gaming platform as to what the payouts and odds are. Does it really pay out 95%? Nobody knows! Well, in a decentralized app, the open source code can be reviewed and verified. That way you know the payouts and odds are accurate. Now that is lovely!


How to play TronBet

The game is very simple. You select a number using the slider they provide and then pick whether the smart contract will randomly select a number above or below your number. The payout for each option is clearly displayed on the screen prior to you rolling the dice. Every transaction is then recorded on the blockchain. Whatever you do, don’t bet the house on it.

The Team Behind TronBet

I really can’t say much about their team as they chose to remain private for the time being. Hopefully, that changes in the future. Though they have told Tron Spark that they are currently made up of 5 team members located around the world. They do have communities on social platforms like Telegram and Twitter. Feel free to follow them there so that you get updates on their development. You can also follow TronSpark on Twitter for Tron related goodies.

The ANTE token

The player can now bet on the house. How? For every 1000 TRX placed on TronBet, the user will receive 1 ANTE. This gives the user the opportunity to bet on the house and receive rewards on a quarterly basis. TronBet has set aside over 51% of all ANTE tokens to be mined by their users. In fact, their team has advised Tron Spark via email that the percentage is 60%. Why is this great? This will make it more difficult for one person or a small group of individuals to control the future of the platform.

Every quarter, TronBet will also be releasing other game ideas where ANTE token holders will have the ability to vote on. Based on the community consensus, the development team will then push forward the projects which have garnered the necessary votes. This puts TronBet in the hands of the community.

The rewards do not end there. TronBet is also allowing the ANTE holders to share in the advertising revenues of the platform. I think they took a page from the Tron Spark manual. Either way, they will allow advertising to be placed on their platform in a Cost Per Milli or a Cost Per Click format paid in TRX. These proceeds will then be redistributed to the ANTE holders.

TronBet Moving Forward

We recently reached out to the team and asked them about the future of their platform. What cool features are they working on? This is what the team had to say:

We are working on some great stuff including our own wallet, a mobile app so users can play on the go, real-time tracking system of ANTE tokens, voting platform for future games and decisions, daily TRX giveaways, title system, achievements, and much more.


After such a strong start for their platform, and making so many people realize the growth rate and strength of Tron, we can only hope that they continue their momentum. It is with popular apps like these that Tron will take down its competitors in the quest for blockchain dominance.




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