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The most important metric for a blockchain project is how many times it’s being used. Nothing else is as important as the amount of transactions for the success of a project. Yes, transactions going to the moon is more important than price even if a few of you traders disagree. Tron Spark is proud to report that Tron’s daily transactions has made galactic sized growth since the main net launch. How does over 1,000,000 daily transactions in the past two weeks sound? Tron is now leading the entire cryptocurrency space with users interacting with the network.


The Network Effect

Why are transactions so important? Let’s use our time machine for a second to find the answer. What was the difference between Facebook and Myspace? Youtube and Dailymotion? Facebook and Youtube had a stronger network with more users interacting with their software compared to the competitors. The Network Effect is a positive effect where each new user makes the network more valuable. One person using Youtube has no economic value. 100 people using Youtube creates a small community, while 100 million people creates an entire ecosystem of content from every genre imaginable. Tron is following in the footsteps of these tech giants with the adoption the protocol is seeing.


Tron VS Ethereum





Tron has been outperforming all the other top blockchain projects, but its best to compare it to its main competitor Ethereum. How do these two projects compare in terms of daily transactions? As shown in the two charts above, Tron is currently doing double the transactions that Ethereum is doing on a daily basis. This is extremely impressive considering Tron is less than a year old while Ethereum has been around since 2015.



What’s Pumping the Transactions?

So what’s the reason for all of these transactions in such a short amount of time? There are quite a few actually. The high rollers over at TRONbet have made the most impact accounting for more than half of all transactions. Tronscan has also released the first Tron DEX which allows the trading of all sorts of tokens operating under the Tron blockchain. Finally, the Tron SRs are giving out daily rewards for all of their voters. It’s amazing to see such a high amount of transactions with just a few projects up and running on the ecosystem. Imagine the possibilities as developers roll in.


The Future: From Galactic T0 Universal

All of us in the Tron community have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. BitTorrent has released BitTorrent Web for Windows which is a Torrent client for digital streaming. This will tie in with Project Atlas which will give an incentive for more torrent seeding by allowing the earning of tokens. The TRONbet team has mentioned that they have three more games currently in development while other developers are also in the process of developing games on the Tron network. Not to mention, SesameSeed has a few projects funded and currently under development as well. This is the Network Effect taking place. As each new project enters our ecosystem, it becomes exponentially more valuable over the long term.


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Jose Robinson

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the University at Buffalo. Leader of a blockchain group aimed at helping new people get into crypto. Currently a content creator for TronSpark and based out of New York.

Tron Transactions Going Galactic