TRON 4.0: Launching on July 7th

By June 8, 2020Tron | TRX

Justin Sun, the CEO of the TRON Foundation has announced that TRON 4.0 will be launched next month. TRON Foundation has undergone significant iteration and with their fourth one launching next month, top key features were announced.

A new era of the TRON Foundation will start in 30 days and the countdown to TRON 4.0 has already started.

What’s new with TRON 4.0?

It was just recently that we have written a blog about TRON 4.0 and some key features that were mentioned by Marcus Zhao, the head of TRON technology which primarily focuses on privacy features supported by TVM , 2-level consensus mechanisms, cross-chain, and Enterprise Edition.

Justin Sun provided a more detailed explanation of the 4 impressive key features that surely will make you look forward to TRON 4.0. The key features that were pointed out are the following:

1. TRONZ Smart Contract Privacy Protocol – a first smart contract privacy protocol supported by a virtual machine.

2. TPOS Consensus Mechanism – an upgraded mechanism and combining the advantages of DPoS and PBFT, which reduced the block confirmation time from 57 seconds to 3 seconds.

3. TICP Cross-Chain protocol – a brand new protocol, ushering in a cross-chain era for the TRON ecosystem once TRON 4.0 is launched.

4. Developed financial institution and enterprise blockchain solution – Financial institutions and business developers will be able to swiftly deploy a customized application blockchain based on their needs.

Once TRON 4.0 launches it will signify a stunning transformation of TRON from being a blockchain-centered project to an industry trendsetter. In short, a leading cryptocurrency in the industry and they have proved it since day 1 and this would be their competitor to the upcoming ETH 2.0.

Are you excited about TRON 4.0? We definitely know you are and we are looking forward to the launch of TRON 4.0 which is dubbed by the TRON Foundation as an amazing masterpiece of the blockchain world.

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