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TRON Foundation’s CEO Justin Sun have announced last weekend that TRON 4.0 is coming and would likely to challenge Vitalik’s Ethereum 2.0. The CEO’s tweet generated a lot of talk from followers and provided a sneak peek on what’s in store for TRON 4.0.

Justin Sun retweeted Marcus Zhao’s tweet about TRON 4.0 which pointed out many key features that will be released soon which includes privacy features supported by TVM, 2-level consensus mechanisms, cross-chain, and enterprise edition.

With their announcement, there isn’t a specific timetable of its official launch and we will have to wait for their next update about TRON 4.0.


ETH 2.0 VS TRON 4.0?

The TRON 4.0 announcement is most likely to be Justin Sun’s answer to Vitalik Buterin’s ETH 2.0 which has been encountering some delays for the launch of ETH 2.0 and might be extended again after ETH developers decided to reschedule the network’s proof-of-stake algorithm upgrade for June of this year.

With the delays of ETH 2.0, it is TRON 4.0 who is ahead of the race and there could more key features that will be added soon in the next following weeks and months to come.

At the moment there is on-going voting for both ETH 2.0 and TRON 4.0, most users await and voted for TRON 4.0 compared to ETH 2.0. Would this voting result create additional pressure for the guys back at Ethereum for the launch of ETH 2.0? We will have to wait and find out if they can overcome their challenges in the upcoming days.


Kabal joins the TRON ecosystem

Besides the TRON 4.0 announcement, Kabal, a decentralized digital asset financial service platform, constructed on the Contractual chain under the TRX protocol have joined the TRON ecosystem.

With this partnership, users with their native $KBL tokens can be now added to Tron Wallet. This partnership is huge for both companies and they will work together to build a quality project in the ecosystem of $TRX.

With Justin Sun’s announcement, are you looking forward to TRON 4.0? Do you think it has the edge against ETH 2.0? It’s definitely a big yes from us at Tron Spark. Let us know in the comments below on what do you think about TRON 4.0? And if they are ahead of the developmental race against ETH 2.0.

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TRON 4.0: Justin Sun's ETH 2.0 Challenger