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The Error

A tweet gone wrong by Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation went somewhat viral this last week.  The press release posted on twitter and other social media platforms proclaimed that Tron has just reached “10 BILLION USERS!”.  Imagine that, 10 Billion users when the world only has 7.8 Billion people! This created posts such as this:

Although it was an obvious mistake the crypto community did what we do best, we firmly lodged our eyes in the back of our head as we let out an almost audible sigh.  The Tron Trolls try to use the tweet as further proof  that Tron is a scam while the Tron loyalists tried to defend the mistake as a part of a language barrier issue.  Neither were right.

It was a mistake, yes, mistakes happen.  We will just move on, after all this is the Tron Foundation.  They will either just ignore it or delete the tweet like it never happened.

The Acknowledgment

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw an acknowledgement of the error from the Tron Foundation on the morning of Sept 20.  The Tron foundation even put out a full 7 tweet thread correcting the record on the statistics (tweet 2/7) and admitting that:

“we must set higher standards for ourselves”. (Tweet 5/7).

Cue another sigh – of relief.  I even went so far as calling it a “beautiful message” on my twitter profile (Cgj_crypto). Anyone who has been with Tron for long enough knows full well the Tron Foundation does not operate this way.  Justin Sun does not operate this way.  Could the Tron Foundation really be acknowledging a mistake?    

Indeed, they have.  If you read between the lines they took it a step further acknowledging that there are internal issues within the Tron Foundation that they are actively working on.

In my last article “IGG leaves Tron” ( I wrote about some serious issues within Tron.  How IGG leaving Tron is an opportunity to be self reflective and to ultimately be better.  That we have to acknowledge the legitimate concerns and not let our ego get in the way.  Then we can truly build a decentralized network together.


Moving Forward

Let us not be overly dramatic here.  This mistake was not earth shattering, it was a mistake.  Of course we all rolled our eyes in the back of our heads but it’s not like it was a market mover.  With that being said: the fact that the Tron Foundation took this small mistake seriously and the fact that they acknowledged this fairly innocuous typo and publicly stated that they must set higher standards for themselves gives me hope.

There is an old adage.  “Be faithful in the small things and you will be faithful in the big things.  However, if you are dishonest in the little things you will also be dishonest with the large things”.

It isn’t good enough to have the cheapest, fastest, most reliable network, you must have trust.  Tron recognized and fixed their error.  They were faithful in the small things here and if they continue down this road, Tron will dominate.


Tron Foundation Makes Surprising Apology