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IGG has been a mainstay in the Tron Cryptoverse for what seems as long as Tron has been around. If anyone asked what Tron’s top 10 projects with potential are, IGG was rarely, if ever, left off this list.

With that being said IGG first ran into image problems on the Tron Blockchain when they did their 1:1 airdrop. Perhaps out of excitement, perhaps out of being young and naive, they did not account for future market events being priced in. What happened next was an abysmal drop in IGG’s price along with a drop in the overall crypto market. IGG saw a significant decline leaving many investors feeling chilled to the project.

From this moment on, IGG tirelessly worked to push ahead. More importantly, the IGG team learned from their mistakes. They clearly understood their direct impact on the market place and thus how their words, even hype, can impact the overall sentiment of the project.

Within the last month, almost Justin Sun-like, IGG announced an impending announcement to be made within the middle of their 5 tier flash sale – This sale was taking place to fund and bring their project to fruition. Tron’s entire community was anticipating something huge. Perhaps a partnership, perhaps a top level talent has joined their team. Like a gut punch to Tron loyalists, IGG announced that they were shifting their token to Matic which brings scalable, cheap, and instant blockchain transactions to the ETH network.

Tron loyalists reacted in the way all loyalists do – ad hominems – that is they chose to attack people rather than confront root problems that lead to the decision. It’s as if many came out of the closet admitting to never having a girlfriend, let alone a dedicated relationship. They reacted as though this was the first time they have ever been “dumped” and twitter did not disappoint. Many figuratively threw the relationship out the window dumping their tokens on Justswap for ridiculous losses. Instead of analyzing the business decision, they couldn’t let go and admit that Tron has some weaknesses.

What this moment in Tron’s history represents is perhaps the largest opportunity the community has ever had – that is if they are willing to go down the road of self evaluation. Perhaps the business decision IGG made makes sense. Is the Tron community willing to be self reflective? Does TRON have an image problem? Does Tron praise certain projects while shunning projects that seem to interfere with an unknown Tron Foundation goal? Is Tron Really decentralized? Why are most of the SR’s linked back to the Tron Foundation? Are we willing to bring Solutions to the table!?

I hear the responses now – “They have a 10 year plan”. “Decentralization means projects on the network shouldn’t expect support”. “Tron is taking baby steps to get where they need to be”, “Stop Fudding”, on and on. It’s to be expected, after all, many link constructive criticism with creating FUD.

Personally, I love Tron, I love the network, I love the speed, the cost, and it does everything that you expect it to do – just look back at my tweet history – I have been here for a very long time, and I don’t plan on going anywhere. There are many many things to praise Tron for, however there are legitimate questions, and legitimate concerns.

At this time, when ETH is a complete disaster, projects are looking for a new home. The Tron community, and especially Justin Sun, would do themselves well by acknowledging some of the issues and pushing to be better. I encourage you to vote for a community SR, encourage the vision of decentralization, and participate in discussions regularly. Let us not be naive, Tron is the best blockchain around, hands down, however a new shinier decentralized blockchain may just pop up one day without all the drama. At that point, all the ETH projects struggling with the Gas fees will simply shift somewhere else leaving Tron as a thing of the past. I don’t want that, and it certainly doesn’t have to be that way – as long as we don’t let our own ego get in our way, we can truly build a decentralized network together.


IGG Leaves Tron