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The Tron community is a passionate community. In the beginning, very few Westerners knew what Tron was. Yet, from one day to the next, the price took off and Tron got the attention of the entire world. As with any entity at the center of attention, the FUDers(those who instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt) started to surface. The fact that many people bought at prices over 20 cents also made it easy to point fingers as the price drop created significant losses. But those that kept up with the project, knew the future was a bright one. Incredible talent was being added to the leadership team, strong partnerships and acquisitions were being disclosed, and the Tron platform began to take shape.

Incredible talent was being added to the leadership team, strong partnerships and acquisitions were being disclosed, and the Tron platform began to take shape.

It is through hardship that a strong community is built. I, living in Miami, have seen first hand how the community always comes together after every hurricane. Well, Tron has had its few storms to deal with. But overcoming such obstacles has lead to the strong community now standing by its side.

Tron Event in Dallas

Community Yearns for Growth

As support for the Tron ecosystem grows, more and more individuals want to be a part of this vision. Each Super Representative offers ways to get the community together to share ideas, knowledge, and insight into the Tron platform. All individuals within the Tron community have the common mission of growing the platform.

Based on the numbers seen in the Tron data, the adoption of Tron is growing at exponential rates. For instance, the Tron wallet count has now reached over 250,000 in such a small period of time.

This is quite an accomplishment. Not to mention, I expect the TVM launch to bring significant new accounts into the Tron platform. The TVM will allow other blockchain dapp developers to easily migrate to the Tron protocol using a programming language they are accustomed to. How sweet is that? Very I must say. And we are not even taking into account the 100 million Bittorrent users which will soon get exposure to the Tron platform. Sky is the limit.

Tron Events around the World

As the Tron ecosystem grows, more and more events will surely be created to attract would be Tron supporters into our community. It is with information and involvement that the Tron numbers will flourish. The stronger the community, the better our chances for success. As Tron Super Representatives begin to explore community options, many will be conducting meets around the world.

Tron meets will serve as social gatherings for like minded Tron enthusiasts to share ideas and work on future projects. Many may find partners for dapp development, marketing, or even project funding. Although online communities have been vital in establishing crypto communities, there is nothing like a face to face encounter with those same people fighting the same battle.

Tron Dallas EventTron Spark Holds first Tron Meet in Dallas

Tron Spark just had their first meet in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. Just nine days after Tron Spark became one of the 27 Tron Super Representatives, Tron Spark is focusing on engaging the community to come together and join them in their effort to grow the Tron supporter base.

In the near future, Tron Spark will hold a meet in New York City as well as in Miami. Dates to be announced soon. Community members are urged to brainstorm and provide ideas for future events, whether it involves other meets across the globe or other events and competitions which can help grow the community. With a strong community, Tron will prosper.

Join Tron Spark in the quest to make Tron the number one blockchain project in the world.


George Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 16 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. Ten years of which were in a real-time operations leadership role. An early investor in TRX and an avid blockchain enthusiast. Currently, handling Tronspark digital operations and residing in Miami, Florida.

Tron is Reaching the World - First Community Event in Dallas