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Minting has begun. 

As of 7pm on Oct 22 The Tron Bull NFT collection by ApexGo has hit the market.  The project features quality pieces such as the Tron Bull Samurai and Astronaut.

The Tron Bull’s collection is available for purchase on their website at, the direct link to the purchase is here   There is a limit of 25 per account.  The minting price will be 1500 TRX.  Look out for those rare ones!

Free Mints for Community Projects

What is especially exciting about this project is that it is, by far, the largest drop of NFT’s to other communities in Tron’s history.  Earlier in the month the ApexGo team took a snapshot of all holders of TPunks, TronMeebits, Bored Ape Tron Club, and Mutant Ape Tron Club holders.  Every wallet that held at least one of these NFT’s will have the opportunity to mint a free NFT.  You had better be quick though, once the minting is complete you will no longer be able to claim a free mint, so be quick.

The Bulls

The Collection has a total of 15012 NFTs created by ApexGo’s master artist.  

Each Bull features eight vision traits.  Each aesthetic trait will have a distribution ratio amongst all the NFTs in the set. Some traits will be much rarer than others. You all know how this works. The rarer the trait, the better. You will be able to verify the trait rarity on 

New to the Tron blockchain is the introduction of gameFi traits that can be used in future GameFi projects.  Each Bull features 7 Games traits such as “Attack”, “Agility” “Recovery”.  The gaming traits are made up of a numerical value that ranges from 4 to 10. The higher the number, the more capable the NFT is at that ability.

The Benefits

This collection will be used for many years to come as the basis for Tron exclusives.  The team has mentioned priority access events, concerts, merch, airdrops and many more features that are best not disclosed for now.  In fact, ApexGo is already in talks with an artist for a future event.  This information will be announced once the details are finalized.  That is, of course, the tip of the iceberg. 
Quote from the ApexGo Team “We are taking this seriously, the Tron Bull collection is not just about ApexGo, it is about the entire Tron community.  We will work hard to make sure that Tron becomes an NFT powerhouse”

Working Together

Apex Go has gone the extra mile in fostering collaboration.  A portion of the collection has been set aside for Justin Sun, The Tron Foundation, and ApeNFT . This is ApexGo’s way of showing how they wish to work together to improve the Tron NFT Space.  They believe that working together will result in Tron taking over the NFT world. 


The Tron Bull’s Collection is clearly what many in the Tron community have been waiting for.  High quality, new features, use case, and benefits in the real world.   It doesn’t get better than this. 


Tron Bulls - Minting has begun.