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MILK Token Launch

After months of anticipation the Score Milk Team is very excited to share that the MILK token will be released within the week.

The MILK token will form the foundation of the Score Milk ecosystem.  Every gamer who plays on Score Milk will earn MILK regardless of whether they win or lose.  You will be able to earn additional MILK rewards by referring your friends (Version 0.5), and even earn TRX by staking your MILK rewards (Version 2.0).

Want to know more about how the MILK Token will interact with the Score MILK Ecosystem?  Check out the Tokenomics 101 article here.

Dev Team

The Team has been working hard on the Smart Contract.  With the token launching this week the team will shift their focus towards finalizing Score Milk Version 0.5.

Check out the Score Milk Whitepaper here.

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Score Milk Update - Token Launch This Week