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As we prepare for the imminent launch of Score Milk version 0.5 we would like to share what we have been working on.

Smart Contract

The Score Milk Team is working on a smart contract which is significantly more in depth than what was originally visioned for Version 0.5.  This will ensure a smooth growth period and ensure we can continually roll out upgraded versions of Score Milk without roadblocks.

The Team

As we prepare for growth, Score Milk has added to the core leadership team.  We have also taken the unique step of establishing a volunteer team.  These individuals believe in the vision of Score Milk and will allow us to grow at a rapid pace.

Additional experienced developers have been added to the team which will serve to add an extra layer of security to the platform.  Beyond that, they will also allow us to take advantage of  growth opportunities without delay.

Mobile Play

We have already begun advanced work on the mobile version of Score Milk.  The Mobile version is set to be available in Version 1.0.

Practice Play

Practice Play is LIVE!

Get a glimpse into what the Score Milk team has been developing for nearly two years.

Visit Score Milk to sharpen your skills before Score Milk is officially launched!

Screen Score Milk Small

Lastly, we are preparing for a fast approaching Version 0.5 launch. Everything that we have been working on is to bring forth an enhanced user experience which will serve as a conduit for rapid growth.  With this launch, users will be able to experience real-time game matchmaking.  You will be able to refer your friends, and you will be able to start accumulating MILK.

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Score Milk Update - October 4, 2020