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Klever Node War

Klever recently opened their Node War ( The Node War allows various entities to gain knowledge and experience using the Klever Blockchain.  This, while at the same time configuring their Nodes from a 0 to 100 operational point.


Klever node operation

In general, configuring nodes, synchronizing them with the network, and dealing with all the inherent technical issues makes the process very complicated. However, Klever has simplified this process as much as possible, allowing for a very efficient process to enter the network. Initially, you will need to have Docker installed on the machine that will host the Node.  With the Docker installed ( will have the necessary environment to configure your Node.  It is important to reserve a good amount of storage and processing power.  This is to ensure that you are able to process all the requests that will arrive.

The next steps

The next steps are very clear and straightforward.  The Klever team has done a good job on providing proper documentation.  Just access and follow what is proposed and with 100% certainty, at the end of the process, you will have your Node fully operational.

After, having your Node running, configure a monitoring system to your liking. If you need a tip, we recommend using Prometheus to collect data related to the machine that hosts your node, and Grafana to generate a dashboard with this information to facilitate access to the data. After completing all the proposed tasks, submit the necessary forms regarding Klever Node War so that your participation is official, and your Node is promoted as a validator.

If you have any questions, we’d be glad to help you out, join Score Milk on Telegram


Klever Node War - How to get started