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Tron has proven to be the most successful cryptocurrency in terms of blockchain improvement and mass adoption campaigns. From the release of TVM and BTT’s token issuing, great feedback has been received from Tron’s community and new investors. But, it cannot be always good…right? Yes it can, Kiip CEO, Brian Wong, announced during niTROn a collaboration with TRON. Furthermore, CoinPayments will support the BTT token. Let’s go more into details about these two great announcements that have been overlooked in the last few weeks!


Kiip is an in-app mobile advertising platform that works with the idea of moment marketing. This means that it uses the perfect moment to reward users, or gamers, with real-life prizes. Imagine the ability of advertisers to offer promotions for moments of achievements such as level ups and high scores. This enables the game itself to use the ads for their own benefit. Neat huh? As a result, it drives its users to their favorite apps with highly targeted and desirable ads and promotions.

Kiip is currently installed on 4,000 apps with a reach of 150 million devices. It is estimated to already have a valuation of $25 million. It has also established partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the industry, like Google Play, Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola, BMW, Johnson & Johnson, etc. Therefore, you might already see where this is heading.


One of the major hurdles for cryptocurrencies is the need to have a gateway solution that allows the exchange of tokens into fiat as well as the instantaneous swap between coins. CoinPayments offers this solution to individuals and merchants. CoinPayments also has its very own utility token which is the CPS Coin. This coin will allow users a reduced transaction fee of 50% when paying with their token. The standard transaction fee is 0.5%. This is very similar to the utility of the Binance token.

Recently, CoinPayments added the support for BTT tokens on its platform. Justin Sun anticipated BTT’s need for liquidity prior to it being fully integrated into the BitTorrent Speed system. He understands that giving liquidity to BTT will receive much attention, from both investors and seeders, as they will be rewarded with BTT. This is a very important initial step in bringing BTT and Tron to the masses.


Vitalik Buterin called BitTorrent a “Metagame success“. The purchase of BitTorrent by Tron was a clear example of recognizing potential and acting on it with hard cold cash. Tron may again be seeing the potential that Kiip has to offer. Kiip, being one of the biggest innovators in the industry, with its unintrusive and effective marketing strategy, will play a big part in Tron’s quest for mass adoption. To go with Tron’s vision, Kiip plans to decentralize online advertising in the near future.

One Step Ahead

Justin Sun is always thinking ahead of its competitors. He understands the importance of beating competitors to the punch. He first had a vision, grasped the first mover advantage from the get go, and hasn’t stopped since. It is becoming more and more apparent that every step he takes has a purpose. Kiip and CoinPayments seem to fall in line with that purpose.


Oscar Quintero

I'm an electrical engineering student and University Professor. Blockchain enthusiast and speaker in Venezuela. I love to read and write and am very passionate about new technologies.

Kiip and CoinPayments: Mass Adoption And Engagement