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We are just one day away from the official launch of JustSwap, the first token exchange protocol on TRON Foundation and it is expected to launch tomorrow August 18th, and set to revolutionize DeFi on the TRON ecosystem. Let’s get to know more about JustSwap.


What is JustSwap?

JustSwap is TRON’s first decentralized token exchange protocol and it allows users to make instant exchanges between any TRC-20 token, make system pricing, and other features with ease.

They also allow users to earn transaction fees by becoming a liquidity provider, free of protocol commission charges. Asides from exchanging TRC-20 tokens, JustSwap users have the capability to earn trading fees and mining rewards.

JustSwap is set to address the ETH gas increased gas fees due to the DeFi demand on the Ethereum network and as the TRON Foundation’s CEO said, JustSwap will have lower fees and 200 times faster with instant settlements, see Sun’s tweet below:

Key Features of JustSwap

As listed on their recent Twitter post:

  • Instant exchanges between TRX20 tokens for traders – it will allow making a profit threshold-free for market makers.
  • Infinite Liquidity – Unstoppable liquidity for thousands of traders and hundreds of applications.
  • Fast and Convenient – Instant execution, without waiting for order match in the queue.
  • Accessible to All – Empower any users to participate in an open financial marketplace.
  • High Returns – Permanent trading fee paid to you with zero commissions from the protocol.


DeFi Revolution

It is mentioned that the arrival of JustSwap will be a first and set to revolutionize DeFi into the TRON Foundation’s ecosystem.

With their impressive track record when it comes to cryptocurrencies and the key features mentioned above, it will surely be a strong contender in the DeFi market and would definitely attract more users in the next following months.

Overall, Justin Sun has been always focusing on one thing, making TRON Foundation great, with the addition of JustSwap, it just became better and made us more proud to be following them from the beginning.  JustSwap listened to the users of DeFi and addressed the current issues on it by making it more affordable and reliable, it will definitely be a game-changer for TRON Foundation when it comes to DeFi.

Kudos to TRON Foundation for bringing us JustSwap and we are so excited about its launch tomorrow.

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JustSwap: TRON's first decentralized token exchange protocol