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Just days ago we have reported about the availability of TRX trading from the WazirX’s platform and after 24-hours, due to the market demand, ZebPay the first crypto-trading exchange in India, has followed their lead to be the next cryptocurrency exchange to trade TRX with INR, as stated on their Twitter page:

ZebPay invites different levels of cryptocurrency traders from multiple countries across the globe to buy/sell crypto instantly & securely at the most competitive live prices. The listing provided users to have an alternative INR to TRX cryptocurrency exchange platform asides from WazirX.

ZebPay a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider headquartered in Singapore with a registered office in Australia and this year, after establishing a presence in Australia and other countries, ZebPay was acquired by Rahul Pagidipati, who is currently serving as CEO, and relaunched in India with a new crypto-crypto trading feature last March 2020.

TRX was previously for trading with ZebPay’s platform last 2018. However, in the same year, they announced that they were shutting down operations following a banking ban by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that barred regulated financial services firms and banks to deal with crypto entities. Despite the operations were shuttered down they have continued to provide support with their existing wallet users.

What is ZebPay?

Zeb IT Service Ltd known as ZebPay is one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency exchanges in India and was founded in 2014 by co-founders Sandeep Goenka, Saurabh Agarwal, and Mahin Gupta.

In the same year, they became the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the country and have continued their growth by launching the ZebPay app in July 2015, and by December 2017 the company has a trading volume of USD 1 Billion.

Due to the Indian government’s regulatory clampdown on cryptocurrencies ZebPay was forced to shut down operations in 2018. However, this year ZebPay was acquired by Rahul Pagidipati, and the company relaunched in India. They also launched five crypto-crypto trading pairs in February and they started INR trading and added instant deposit and withdrawal features.

This year looks very promising for TRON Foundation’s TRX in the Indian market and they have continued to show their dominance in the cryptocurrency industry and is one of the most preferred tokens to be included in the crypto exchange platforms. With Justin Sun’s leadership and TRON Foundation’s continued progress to make the TRX a high valued token with its technological advantages, it surely will attract more cryptocurrency exchanges in the future. Like what we have mentioned in our previous article, it will continue to attract more collaborations with other exchanges in the future.

Are you using ZebPay to trade TRX? Let us know in the comments below and give us your feedback. For more news and updates, visit Tron Spark.


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ZebPay: Comeback of India's 1st crypto exchange now trades TRX to INR