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If you are reading this, it is very likely that you believe in the Tron vision. Tron’s main objective is to decentralize the internet via its delegated proof of stake(dPOS) smart contract platform. In this dPOS system, the TRX holders have the ability to vote for 27 representatives, known as Tron Super Representatives, who are then responsible for carving the future path of the Tron protocol. What if the TRX holders do not do their part? Well, the answer is simple. The system will not work! Imagine in the US, if only 10% of the voters showed up to vote on election day. The best interest of the majority of the people will not be served. It really doesn’t get any more basic than that.

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk of how unfair the Super Representative elections are. How can a person with a lot of money, known as a”whale” in the crypto community, be able to buy their Tron Super Representative status? In order to compete with these whales, this has resulted in current SRs having to give unsustainable rewards to the community which ultimately hurt the long term evolution of Tron. Is that what we want in exchange for pennies on the dollar? No! We want solid projects that add value to the network. I want my TRX to gain value as a result of game-changing projects. For Tron to succeed, we all need Tron supporters to understand what is at stake here.


The First “Must” for Tron Supporters

Vote, vote, vote!  Without voting, we have all the issues mentioned above. It becomes extremely easy for a rich person to buy themselves one of the 27 Tron Super Representative seats. Maybe even a few! Then they can sit back and do nothing but collect a payment which should be going towards Tron development instead. Why are we allowing this? All we have to do is vote! We must get all the Tron supporters we know to vote. I am sorry guys, but with a 10-11% voter participation rate, we cannot expect Tron to move forward at the rate we want. It is important to realize that lack of voting is the main root cause for the issues we currently have. I am not saying it is the only issue, but I can assure you it is most likely the biggest issue. Let’s fix this together. Vote vote vote!

Side note: If you are not a developer executing smart contracts, please freeze your TRX for bandwidth prior to voting. Freezing for Energy will hurt dapp developers as you are taking up some of the available energy capacity for no reason whatsoever and without any benefit to you. This translates into fees for developers. Let’s help dapps get on the network.


The Second “Must” for Tron Voters

Vote for Super Representatives that you believe will bring long term value to Tron. Vote for those helping the ecosystem grow. Not just the ones giving the most rewards. SR rewards may seem like a great thing, but don’t you think legit projects will add much more value than a few more TRX? Getting an extra 5-10% TRX a year while TRX drops 50% doesn’t make any sense to me. If that’s the case, this is not the right investment. I want real value. It’s like getting 50% more Bolivares in Venezuela even though the currency has devalued by 95%. I feel that we, as a whole, are not seeing the importance of projects. This is exemplified by how voters allowed Team Tronics to drop out of being a Tron Super Representative just because they were the first to realize and act on the rewards issue at hand. This isn’t a freebie blockchain. This is a blockchain for real projects. Keep that in mind.

All SRs have a vision, which vision requires capital to execute. Voters need to realize how important it is for Tron to have top notch developers building on their platform. Imagine if each SR can allocate 50-70% of their rewards to fund and incubate projects. We would even be able to hire developers to build the ideas of the community. Instead, SRs spend most of their time working on reward scripts and explaining why someone got 5 TRX instead of the 6 TRX that tokengoodies estimated. Wouldn’t a node be better off running 64 CPUs rather than 16? We all want a robust network for when the real traffic kicks in. SRs have been put in a bad situation where they are being forced to give it all away just to survive. This needs to change.


Overcoming Tron’s Growing pains

In order to surpass the recent challenges that Tron is facing, the Tron community needs to realize what needs to happen. Tron needs your vote, plain and simple. That’s the only way a dPOS functions properly. And when you do vote, it is critical to get away from this downward spiraling rewards mentality. The Tron community needs to think long term growth. That’s what will change our lives for the better. Let’s keep this in mind as we work on bringing true value to the Tron blockchain.

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George Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 16 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. Ten years of which were in a real-time operations leadership role. An early investor in TRX and an avid blockchain enthusiast. Currently, handling Tronspark digital operations and residing in Miami, Florida.

Tron Vote: How Voting Changes Everything