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Tron Spark, in collaboration with WeWork, will be having a Tron Miami Beach meetup on December 4th.

We want to celebrate this huge event by rewarding all our voters with 100% rewards.

This is our way of raising awareness in order to bring new talent under the Tron umbrella.

Crypto is in its early stages. For developers, as was the case when Android first came about, this may just be the opportunity of a lifetime. Meet with the Tron Community and see how your skills can be an integral part of the largest blockchain in the world. Tron Foundation will be flying in several engineers from their San Francisco office in order to present Tron developer tools and answer any questions you may have.

This will be a great way for those new to crypto to learn about blockchain. All crypto enthusiast and developers are invited to this great event. This is a totally FREE event. We will also be offering snacks, beers, and refreshments throughout the event. Not to mention, cool Tron swag will also be given out.

Please RSVP as soon as possible as space is limited.

RSVP Today

Looking forward to seeing you there!


For more information, please follow us:

Telegram @TronSpark

Twitter @TronSpark

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George Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 16 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. Ten years of which were in a real-time operations leadership role. An early investor in TRX and an avid blockchain enthusiast. Currently, handling Tronspark digital operations and residing in Miami, Florida.

Tron Spark + WeWork Celebrate Miami Beach Meetup with 100% Rewards