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In an Open Letter of TRON Foundation’s CEO Justin Sun, he shared his ideas after receiving feedback from the community members and developers regarding Proposal №47 and Proposal №48, as he plans to improve the democratic governance and development of the TRON network in the future.

TRON’s growth and future plans

The CEO pointed out that the TRON network has surpassed Ethereum to be the busiest public chain across the cryptocurrency industry and he compared TRON as a digital petroleum; which makes TRON an economic necessity that you cannot live without alongside the digital gold which is Bitcoin.

He shared his plans to transform TRON into a faster, more efficient, and ultra cost-effective decentralized network around a well-established incentive and governance mechanism which will be beneficial to the developers and TRON users. The network plans to continue consolidating its advantageous position as the most important infrastructure and layer 2 networks in the industry.

TRON will be adjusting the incentive mechanism of the entire TRON network and focuses to encourage long-term holders who stake tokens for voting. For SR’s and staking holders, TRON promises a generous and stable return as well as clear incentives for long-term partners.

With the improvement of the incentive mechanism, TRON will be more secure and continues to be decentralized. TRON network boasts a huge governing user base who has staked 25.2 billion TRX (an equivalent of $750 million) which is invested every year to the decentralization and security of the entire TRON network.

A good future for TRON Foundation

Overall, the Open Letter provided us a clear overview of what’s coming up for TRON and how these changes would make a difference in the future. This provided the community assurance that TRON is always there to listen to make improvements and make our TRON experience a better one among other blockchains.

Share your thoughts about this open letter and let us know in the comments below.

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Jino Tokieda

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TRON: The CEO's Open Letter