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NFT on TronThe world is going crazy with the NFT frenzy. From Beeple’s digital artwork selling for $69 million to a cartoon picture of a rock selling for $1.8 million, the world just wants more NFTs.
Many of these first movers were paid for with Ethereum. That is starting to change as other blockchains put a huge emphasis on the NFT market. Tron Foundation, along with its founder Justin Sun, have been going all in on NFTs.

Tron and the NFT Market

Even since NFTs made their debut on the blockchain, Justin Sun has been a huge supporter of the NFT revolution. In fact, Justin was a close underbidder for the most expensive piece of digital art ever sold. A whopping $69+ million dollars. Justin has been able to acquire some key pieces of NFTs such as the TPunk Joker and the Rock with laser eyes.

With such desire and determination, Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation have doubled down on the NFT marketplace. They have put a huge effort on evolving the APENFT, a Tron based NFT platform that hopes to bridge top-notch artists and blockchain technology. APENFT has the following as their mission:

“Like how blockchain democratizes finance like never before, APENFT, by turning top artists and art pieces into NFTs, not only upgrades the way artworks are hosted, but also transforms them from being elite-exclusive items to something that truly belongs to the people and mirrors their aspirations. APENFT is the art for everyone.”

From Ethereum to Tron

As the NFT craze carries on, not all blockchain users want Ethereum based NFTs. They now tend to be very expensive for the common folk and the costs of transacting on the Ethereum blockchain are also getting a bit out of hand. Many NFTs on Ethereum are selling for more than what a new Corvette costs. That is why some of the hot NFTs that originally debuted on Ethereum blockchain are now being brought to the Tron blockchain. This presents some huge opportunities for those who are Tron fans.

Successes on Tron

TPunks and Tronmeebits have landed on the Tron blockchain. And let me tell you, they have blown up. So much that they have sold out in days. The Tron community is a big community that loves NFTs. I think it is safe to say that the demand for this first wave of Tron NFTs is through the roof, especially when you can buy a unique NFT for a tiny fraction of its Ethereum counterpart. So now that they are all sold out, what will be the next frenzy?

Bored Ape Tron Club

It seems like the Bored Apes have made it to Tron. Bored Apes originated on Ethereum and have now made the leap. The Tron version comes with some nifty Tron exclusives that include Justin Sun, Tronbull, Buffett, and Kobe Bryant. As we all remember, Kobe was the highlight of the Nitron 2019 conference. If I were to take a guess, Kobe will be the NFT that everyone will be after.

Based on their website, it seems that there will be 10,000 Apes which includes 45 custom made Tron exclusives within the 10,000 mintable Apes. Good luck getting one!


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