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TRON is one of the biggest and busiest public chains in the world and continued to grow over these past few months from its milestones and achievements.

They have been on a steady growth since last year and continued their momentum since the start of this year, from exceeding over 46 million TRON accounts, handling over 2 billion transactions, and expanding to the NFT, DeFi, and stablecoin market, they have continued to pave the way in the industry and showed their advantages and technology from other blockchains.

Let’s check out some highlights of their achievements this year so far.

TRON’s Major Achievements:

TRON started the year right by receiving numerous awards and they have been selected as the “Most Influential Public Chain of the Year”, “Top 100 Blockchain Companies 2020” and lastly the “Most Popular Public Chain of the Year”. The awards gotten by TRON show how big the blockchain has become and how many users continued to use and support the TRON blockchain.

After receiving numerous awards, TRON officially launched its 2021 Global DeFi Developer Hackathon which encourages developers to create DeFi projects under the TRON network and it has a total bounty prize of $10 Million that was be shared with all of the selected winners.

The hackathon event was divided into multiple DeFi categories such as lending, protocol interfaces, stablecoin, mining, DEX, NFT, and more.

Asides from their developer contest this year, the next month TRON went live with their TRON Century Mining campaign which features TRON-based tokens and they have officially secured over $1.3 Billion TVL within an hour. Within the same month, the most talked Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST) on Binance announced the launch of their smart contract on the TRON network.

By April, TRON becomes the first deflating digital currency in the world and its market cap had reached an all-time high of $10 billion. The TRX concluded its transition from inflation to deflation and asides from that transition they have started the TRON 5.0 Apollo upgrade which aims to connect all blockchains.

With that upgrade, it opened more doors for partnerships on TRON such as PancakeSwap officially launching TRX, BTT, and WIN mining on their platform to OKLink officially launching on the TRON blockchain.

TRON continues to create a partnership with different fields in the industry and by June they have officially held an NFT auction called “Genesis” which features the highly-anticipated NFT work of “Three Self-Portraits” by Andy Warhol which was sold for 2.8 Million BUSD.

This event also marks the start of the APENFT which is the NFTization and transfer of the world’s top artworks to the blockchain.

Lastly, Circle and Coinbase’s very own stablecoin USDC had become available on the TRON blockchain by the end of June. The addition of USDC to the TRON blockchain enables users to take advantage of TRON’s real-time transaction speeds, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

TRON’s Next Goal?

Their goal is to be one of the best blockchains on the planet and expect more good things to come over the TRON network.

This year they have given us a lot of new amazing features from different fields of the industry such as DeFi, NFT and soon they will be adding GameFi on their list. Plus the company continued to develop more TRC20-based tokens for the community over the past months such as the TRC20-BTC, TRC20-ETH, TRC20-TUSD, TRC20-USDT, TRC20-USDC just to name a few.

Such an amazing performance and achievement by TRON in just 6 months and there are no signs of slowing down for one the biggest and busiest public chains on the planet.

For more news and updates, see Tron Spark.


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TRON: Summary of TRON's Mid-Year Achievements