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Recently, Flipside Crypto conducted a report and examined the TRON Foundation’s ecosystem to determine and answer the allegations to the company.

Since the beginning of the TRON Foundation, it faced several negative allegations and unsmooth acquisitions of BitTorrent, DLive, Poloniex, and Steem.

Many have doubted Justin Sun’s plans for the said companies and labeled him as a scam by some. However, as per Flipside Crypto’s TRON on-chain report, it clearly tells us that TRON (TRX) is a real legitimate business and not a scam which most of the many TRON non-believers keeps on telling everyone online.


Key Areas of TRON Foundation’s Ecosystem

As per the report, it shows that TRON Foundation’s ecosystem is very healthy and has a lot of active users. Key areas that keep the TRON Foundation’s ecosystem on top based on the report generated by the team from Flipside Crypto are the following:

The TRON community is staking most of the TRX, there are a lot of DApp Activities, has noticeable DEX/DeFi Activities, the Node operators and voters are rewarded and smaller wallets own most of the active TRX supply.


TRON is more real than other blockchains

From the key areas that keep TRON ecosystem on top, as part of the conclusion of the report explained that TRON could be the victim of intellectual snobbery and Twitter trolls, some people are not focusing enough on TRON’s successful business model.

A summary of the researcher’s findings that TRON is more real than the other 90% of the blockchains that they have examined. TRON’s pragmatism for creating wealth has attracted a thriving community. Flipside Crypto’s benchmark compared TRON to 40+ other blockchains that they have chainwalked and confirmed how successful TRON Foundation is. The facts are there to prove that TRON Foundation is a real business and how great they have become in just a short period of time.

Now is the time for the negativity against TRON Foundation has to stop and accept the fact that they have been doing great since the beginning under the leadership of the CEO Justin Sun.


Who is Flipside Crypto?

Flipside Crypto, provides cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. Their team develops proprietary data models to evaluate liquid cryptocurrency assets and renders a series of investment portfolios related to cryptocurrencies. Flipside Crypto serves customers in the United States for several known cryptocurrency companies.

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TRON Foundation: Healthy and Active Ecosystem